Elvesys - Elveflow

Elvesys - Elveflow

Farmacie/ Biotechnologie


Primary activity : Turns meteorites falling down on the company into shooting stars

Secondary activity : Make a mess …Clean it ... Try again …

Skills & background: Engineer microelectronics, PhD in Microfluidics, post doc in cell biology, entrepreneurship

Primary activity : Take care of our beloved innovation unit's research team.

Secondary activity : Establishment of research collaborations in the scope of European projects.

Skills & background: Drug screening, Cell biology, Biochemistry, Neurosciences, Animal tests, Chemical engineering

Meet Olivier, Innovation Manager

Meet Théo, R&D Project Manager

Meet Théo, Sales Engineer

Meet Amira, Digital Marketing & Communication Responsible

Meet Caroline, Sales Administrator


Their vision: A major technological revolution is underway in the field of biotechnology that will accelerate humanity's progress in medicine as never before. Microfluidics is one of its major pillars.

Their mission: To develop microfluidic instruments that go beyond the state of the art, to enable researchers to go beyond the state of the art in their field, particularly in biotech.

Their company: Elvesys is an innovative company of 50 people created by three young PhDs in microfluidics. Their goal is to become the flagship of microfluidics in the world so that all research teams around the world benefit from the potential of microfluidics

What they are looking for

At Elveflow, they like:

  • Action people, creative people, autonomous people, curious people, "team players". Those who make, more than they talk, people who are demanding with themselves but who take care of their surroundings.
  • Those who question themselves, those who want an intense and contrasted life. Those who bring back some pastries.

Good to know

Their culture in 2 points:

  • Like wardling : They don't have a food job, they're in action: "Think like a strategist and act like a barbarian". They seek to innovate and do what no one would think of doing. They are passionate, they give our all for their vision, their tribe and their mission.
  • Like a (wardling) tribe : They cross an ocean together to fulfill their mission; it is by sticking together that we face the storms.

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