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Bam Music

  • Hudba, Média, Televizní a filmová produkce
  • Paris, London, Los Angeles, Montreal
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    29 years old

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No openings for now, please check back in a few days!

Remote policy

All employees at BAM Music can work 2 to 3 days per week from home.

Hakuna Matata Bitches

Jean Girard, Ricky Bobby Roi du circuit

Questions- Answers

What is the team’s geographical repartition ? 48% in France, 52% abroad.

The good old days are right now

Robert de Niro, Les Inrocks


Bam Music is the music platform of the new generation of content creators.

Great soundtracks make better films!

Bam Music helps creators produce the best content thanks to exceptional and engaging soundtracks, while supporting a business model respectful of artists' copyrights.

What they are looking for

Obviously, they are looking for people who share their passion for music and image.

But, there are other criterias which are important at BAM Music :

  • Being a true "doer": success exists by taking action, they are looking for talent who have a real ability to deliver and to question the status quo. A positive and entrepreneurial mindset is a must.
  • Being collaborative: the team spirit is key, so having true great teammates is essential. In addition, we spend 75% of our time in the office, so it might as well be with an amazing team.
  • Having a real international dimension: international profiles, long experience abroad, having travelled and being open minded is necessary.

Good to know

They are very international : with offices in Paris, London, Montreal, Los Angeles and Shanghai and multi-cultural teams.

They like memorable team building experiences: Los Angeles two years ago. London or Montreal in the pipe.

They are at the beginning of the scale-up phase: there is a lot of room for initiative, everyone contributes to the overall vision and can have a real impact.

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