Internship (6 months) | ESG & Climate Junior Engineer Consultant for Corporate customers

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AXA Climate
AXA Climate

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Questions and answers about the job


Popis pozice

Consulting within AXA Climate

AXA Climate (Corporate siteLinkedin) has developed complete business lines to help tackle climate change adaptation (Climate School, Insurance, Consulting for Industry/Agri/Finance/Public sector). Globally, we are a team of 150 climate experts, headquartered in Paris, spread over 5 continents and driven by the same desire for impact. Our purpose is to help Planet Earth become a true stakeholder of all companies, in the same way that employees, customers and shareholders are!

A third of AXA Climate team-members are dedicated to help public and private stakeholders understand their climate risks and adapt to climate change: that’s our consulting business.

AXA Climate initial and core expertise is on climate physical risks, but our value proposition includes today transition risks, decarbonisation, ESG and Sustainable Finance.

You will join the team dedicated Corporate companies, named Industry Adaptation (all businesses except private equity, agriculture, and public sector). We help corporate companies in verious sectors to understand their climate and ESG risks : physical climate risks, transition climate risks and opportunities, other topics such as biodiversity loss risks and nature-based solutions.

You will also work closely with transversal teams (mainly data analysts and climate scientists, but also Climate School or other consulting practices within AXA Climate).

Your mission as a junior climate consultant

As a climate consultant, your main missions are:

  • To work on the improvement of impact curves and deep-dive research on impact of climate change on various industrial sectors.

  • To support Industry Adaptation domain leader business development initiatives and do market research.

  • To support Industry Adaptation knowledge management efforts and weekly updates

  • After a few weeks of immersion, to contribute to consulting mission deliveries, in collaboration with other consultants, for our customers. Consulting missions typically are ESG or Climate due-diligence, Climate Risks Screening, climate strategy definition, reporting, etc.

  • To support internal R&D initiatives, especially for Climate Adaptation database, Nature-based solutions

  • To support the production of commercial texts and internal materials.

  • Any other internal missions for which you could bring skills to the team.

Požadavky na pozici

  • You are graduating with a engineering master’s degree

  • Experience: You have a previous experience in a consulting firm or ESG deparment.

  • Your are rigorous & pay attention to details.

  • You have excellent communication & listening skills.

  • You are proactive and autonomous in your work.

  • You have at least experience in one of those fields: climate risks & opportunities assessment, Private capital investing and sustainable finance.

  • You have an interest for working with different industries.

  • Project delivery: You are able to deliver projects in time, with the right level of quality.

  • Organized and rigorous: you pay attention to details in the execution and the follow-up of missions

  • Content mastering: You are able to quickly gain knowledge on a new topic, and synthetize in a comprehensive manner extensive bibliography researches.

  • You are fluent in English and possibly in French.

Proces náboru

  • Initial meeting with a leader of the consulting domain
  • 1 or 2 short interviews with people from the team, with a use case.
  • Final decision

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