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Transition Guide and Organizational Culture Alchemist

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” — Mary Oliver in ‘The Summer Day’ - Martin Cadée is a Transition Guide and Organizational Culture consultant. His areas of expertise include matters such as leadership development, conflict resolution in the workplace, designing learning spaces, personal guidance on transitions and finding purpose. During his studies and tenure as a lecturer, Martin developed a keen interest in helping people expand their horizons. He was involved in establishing University College Utrecht and grew into a role of Managing Director at the same university. During this time, the question of a hands-on education for future social entrepreneurs roamed his mind. This led him to join a grassroots network that was working towards founding a KaosPilot school in The Netherlands. He became co-founder of this international school for young social entrepreneurial spirits, offering an exciting journey where students experiment with everything and take nothing for granted. The school later transitioned into Knowmads Business School. His work with inquisitive young minds sparked his interest in ‘rites of passage’, inspiring him to guide hundreds of people on their personal journey to finding purpose and meaningful work. Martin’s mission is to create healthy and inspiring environments where people and teams can thrive. He is asked regularly to consult or take on interim-executive roles in the areas of People, Culture and Leadership. After years of nomadic life, working and living between Europe, India and the USA, now he’s dividing his time between The Netherlands and Spain, where he’s creating a small retreat center together with his partner.