Our Commitment

This year, we are launching a strong commitment dynamic within Yseop relating to Corporate Social Responsibility. We want to ensure that everyone at Yseop can make a concrete commitment to strong causes such as illiteracy or support of women in the Digital world.

We decided to offer 1 day per year to each Yseopers wishing to dedicate time and contribute to an NGO. Thus, every Yseopers will have the opportunity to give meaning to your solidarity action, to develop their skills in another context and to live a unique and different experience. We have chosen the platform "Vendredi" to allow everyone to find the mission, the cause, the knowledge, and the format that best suits them among the 800 NGO present on the platform.

This global CSR approach is part of the corporate culture by which we want to live at Yseop, and your commitment will be key to its success!

Our Initiatives :

  • Raising our employees' awareness on the Climate Challenge via the Climate Collage
  • Creating a “Challenge of the month” on environmental and societal items
  • Recycling our IT fleet
  • Support for women in the Digital world
  • Commitment to promote Education and battle against Illiteracy


Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO Yseop

“As part of Yseop's transformation and in the particular Covid-19 context, we want more than ever to accelerate our social and environmental commitment.

We know that a company is more impactful when employees share a common vision: the collaborative spirit, which creates value.

This dimension has always made sense in the life of the company, however, we had to amplify it, structure it and make it collaborative. Our CSR policy is the expression of our values and a reflection of our societal and environmental commitment as well as how we interact internally at Yseop and externally with our customers”

Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO Yseop


Yseop is an international AI software company and an early pioneer of natural language generation technology. Its proprietary AI platform powers enterprise-level customer support, sales and reporting applications. Its highly customizable solutions deliver superior quality analysis and more human-like dialog, resulting in higher levels of client satisfaction. Used by the major players in finance and pharmaceuticals, nearly 50,000 users rely daily on Yseop technology. Headquartered in France, Yseop has operations throughout Europe, the US, and Asia.

What they are looking for

Like every other AI peer, the Yseoper is curious, dynamic, and always up to the challenge. The Yseoper is a versatile team worker, willing to actively engage and collaborate across the organization and across boarders (Colombia, US to name a few).

Good to know

  • They like to gather for breakfast every Friday mornings.
  • They love to throw a GIF battle on Slack. A proven ability to finding the most relevant GIF is highly valued.
  • They love (good) words
  • They do not have a foosball table, but they have unlimited fruits, oat infusion and coffee

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