Their values

  • Trust




Customer Centric

The Core Values that bring us together!

Shared by everyone, regardless of their job or profile, our core values are the foundation of how we interact internally and externally with our customers. Through our core values, we create an impactful corporate dynamic embodied by each Yseopers. We are all Actors & Ambassadors of Yseop’s core values!

We exceed customer expectations and aspire to create true partnerships.

Trust is foundational. It empowers our employees and customer relationships

We love to innovate in ways that delight our customers.

We care about each other, inspire each other and encourage strong team spirit.


Vanessa de Langsdorff – VP Customer Success

Vanessa de Langsdorff – VP Customer Success

“At Yseop, our efforts are focused on supporting our customers to make them and their AI Language projects successful through : - Automating tedious and repetitive tasks and focusing analysts on high value activities. - Improve the quality of their reports with the ability to scale. - Gain overall efficiency to produce reporting and documents. - Support Digital transformation To be able to match our product with customer expectations, it’s key to fully understand their objectives, but also to challenge them in a constructive way, so that users fully adopt Yseop as a way to ‘augment’ their capabilities. Provide strong business value to our customers, high user satisfaction, best-in-class text quality and accuracy is what drives us every day, as a team.”

Lise Grant- VP Marketing

“Trust is the most important value in my work environment, and I am delighted to see that it's the foundation of Yseop. It allows Yseopers to express themselves, to choose their way of working but also to be more serene, especially in this context where working from home has become the norm. Within the marketing department, this gives us more room for creativity and the confidence to apply “test and learn” strategies without fear of failure, which allows us to grow as marketers. Trust being our ethos, it inspires our customers. When they choose to work with Yseop, they know that we will do everything to make their projects a success. It is a virtuous circle.”

Lise Grant- VP Marketing
Charles Chahbazian- VP R&D

Charles Chahbazian- VP R&D

“As a software publisher in the AI world, it goes without saying that innovation is an integral part of our DNA. But for us, it's even more than that, innovation runs through our veins and pushes us to constantly go beyond the limits set by technology. At Yseop, you will find passionate teams who design limitless products in order to always offer more to our customers. Since our goal at Yseop is always and again to push the limits, innovation doesn’t only apply to our technology, it also found in our methods and our organization. Everyone at Yseop aims to innovate and it is thanks to everyone's skills that innovation is done as a team.”

Nicolas Steib- VP Sales EMEA

“Team : It’s all about people. The Team matters more than anything. We care about those we work with and the customer we serve. We work hard, but we will laugh harder, louder, and often together ! We all care about results but not at the expense of people, it’s all about building trust-based relationships. We all come from different backgrounds, we possess diverse talents, but in the end, we all work together with passion and the same objective. And you know what they say, Teamwork makes the dream work !”

Nicolas Steib- VP Sales EMEA


Yseop is an international AI software company and an early pioneer of natural language generation technology. Its proprietary AI platform powers enterprise-level customer support, sales and reporting applications. Its highly customizable solutions deliver superior quality analysis and more human-like dialog, resulting in higher levels of client satisfaction. Used by the major players in finance and pharmaceuticals, nearly 50,000 users rely daily on Yseop technology. Headquartered in France, Yseop has operations throughout Europe, the US, and Asia.

What they are looking for

Like every other AI peer, the Yseoper is curious, dynamic, and always up to the challenge. The Yseoper is a versatile team worker, willing to actively engage and collaborate across the organization and across boarders (Colombia, US to name a few).

Good to know

  • They like to gather for breakfast every Friday mornings.
  • They love to throw a GIF battle on Slack. A proven ability to finding the most relevant GIF is highly valued.
  • They love (good) words
  • They do not have a foosball table, but they have unlimited fruits, oat infusion and coffee

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