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Yogosha is the 1rst private Bug Bounty platform in Europe, helping organizations to detect and fix vulnerabilities before criminals exploit them. Yogosha’s clients benefit from an international elite of ethical hackers ; only 25% of aspiring Yogosha security researchers manage to pass the selection process and join the platform. Yogosha is trusted by more than 50 clients such as Thales, BNP Paribas, l’Oréal, Galeries Lafayette, Swiss Life, Veolia, Cdiscount…

Yogosha offers a new cybersecurity approach : bug bounty. Very popular in the United States, this practice appeared around 2015 in France. With Bug Bounty, companies can rely on an international community of independent hackers to test their security, and pay them depending on the vulnerability they find.

In 3 years, Yogosha has :

  • settled in the heart of Paris (Grands Boulevards)
  • tripled its growth
  • united 15 employees and 200 hackers
  • won relevant prizes (grand prix de l’innovation de la ville de Paris, prix startup du FIC, trophée de l’assurance d’Axa…)

What they are looking for

Yogosha is looking for talented and open minded teammates in various fields (engineering, product, sales, R&D...). They need people who want to break cliches around the hacking world, and help make internet a safer place.

Humor and trust are fundamental values at Yogosha. The company’s whole image is built on transparency : helping clients trust the hacking world by collaborating with the best security experts.

Obviously, being attracted to technology and cybersecurity are important to work at Yogosha. But we’re mostly looking for hard-working and curious people, who aren’t afraid of challenges and responsibilities.

Good to know

To join Yogosha, you will need to :

  • Understand that hackers aren’t only criminals selling your credit card on the darknet
  • Be ready for offbeat humor
  • Buy breakfast whenever you leave your computer open without locking it 😀

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