Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle


The Tech team has skills in several areas and closely collaborates with the Product team on Welcome to the Jungle products: Engineering: This team of developers builds, develops and maintains all our products. Quality Assurance: It support the Tech team in automating tests for all of our apps in order to prevent bugs and improve user satisfaction and speed.
 Data: Its main mission is to exploit the data we have thanks to our products as well as all the tools we use in order to provide analyses for the various teams, so that they can make data-based decisions.

My role is to coordinate the team in line with the product strategy, to set the course in order to continue modernising our infrastructure and, above all, to continue growing and structuring this great team.

Kevin, Chief Technical Officer

At Welcome, our challenge is to maintain, develop and upgrade all of our products so that they remain effective and up-to-date in terms of technology, while striving to keep our technology debt to a minimum!

Paul Xavier, Lead Front-end Developer

Our team’s mission is to reduce the number of bugs in the apps the team develop. This involves manual tests, automation and creating a quality-focussed culture within the company.

Marc, Head of QA

Data is a key subject for Welcome to the Jungle, since it is used by all business units. To meet our future challenges, we’re going to continue growing the team. This is why we’re looking to add new people to the team, for Data Science, Governance and Business Administration.

Jean Nicolas, Team Lead Data Analyst