Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle


To produce high-quality content for our community, we have surrounded ourselves with experts and people with passion. They are the team in charge of creating and distributing the content we see in our different solutions, newsletters, social media sites, etc. Their goal? To provide better content and generate the greatest amount of traffic possible!

Since I’ve been here, my mission has been to build and advance our editorial policy on work and to expand our communities while staying true to the company’s overall project. I also like being able to experiment with new narrative forms with the team.

Marie, Editor in Chief

Since I joined Welcome to the Jungle in 2017, I’ve seen the evolution of the creative process. We now have a really ambitious editorial policy and teams that are capable of producing content for all platforms.

Thomas, Social Media Manager

What I like about Welcome to the Jungle is it’s a company that listens to its employees and is very demanding in terms of work quality. It pushes me to do better every day, and because of that, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished since 2019.

Gabrielle, Content Manager B2C