Tilak Healthcare

Tilak Healthcare

Before founding Tilak Healthcare, Edouard was the director of Gameloft Madrid, a mobile game design studio employing 120 people.

Previously, Edouard held successive positions at Gameloft as project manager in Paris, then production manager in New Orleans (USA).

He was also an editor for TechCrunch France, covering mobile applications, web 2.0 and entertainment. For him, mobile video games are a formidable media adopted by everyone and their use to follow the evolution of a pathology is the beginning of a real digital revolution.

Martin first worked in business development in surgical robotics before leading a startup developing a drug.

A firm believer in the power of video games to monitor the evolution of diseases at home, he joined Tilak in 2018 as Head of Sales & Marketing.

Its objective is to revolutionize the patient's perception of the disease, while simplifying physicians' lives.

Gulya got deep knowledge of design and visual communications at British Higher School of Art & Design, which consolidated her works bases.

She had a chance to work on a wide range of project: from packaging design to events, for all types of clients from small local businesses to international corporations. This allowed her to hone and enrich her skills and became a multidisciplinary specialist.

Gulya joined Tilak in 2018 inspired by its daring mission and its humane impact.

Corentin est diplômé d'Epitech et a passé plusieurs années à réaliser des projets en tant qu'auto-entrepreneur fullstack (Jeu vidéo, Excel VBA, Web...) avant de rejoindre Tilak Healthcare en tant que Online Developer.

Après 3 ans passés chez Tilak Healthcare, il a été promu Lead Developeur et accompagne aujourd'hui son équipe grâce à son expérience.

L'opportunité de pouvoir allier sa passion des jeux vidéo avec un travail qui a du sens est pour lui une vraie source d'épanouissement.

Romain a débuté sa carrière professionnelle en tant que Chef de Projet en agence de publicité avant de connaitre une première expérience de Customer Success Manager au sein d’une start-up parisienne. En 2019, il rejoint Tilak Healthcare pour créer et développer le pôle Business Performance.

Chez Tilak Healthcare, Romain a trouvé un environnement lui permettant d’apporter son aide à des personnes qui en ont vraiment besoin. Et de prendre part à un projet unique au monde visant à révolutionner le suivi des maladies.


You play, we care.

Chronic diseases affect more than 25% of the worldwide population and 60% of these patients requires individuals and personalized care.

Following them closely and adapting their treatment to the evolution of their pathology to improve their quality of life has become a major challenge.

Tilak Healthcare develop a new form of digital medicine : medicinal video games to monitor the progress of patients with chronic diseases from a distance.

Created in 2016, Tilak is a unique video game studio where passionate professional and medical expert are working together to provide the best possible experience for connected health.

What they are looking for

At Tilak, future employees believe in the therapeutic power of video games or, more generally, entertainment, and have the desire and energy to create the future of digital medicine. You play, we care.

By joining the team, they will be dynamic, open, hardworking and demanding, that are essential to join an ambitious and innovative project.

Good to know

The playstation 4 is not a decoration, it is work tool. Thursday beer: weekly meeting at the bar on Thursdays (because Friday is overrated).

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