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After a first part of his career in financial systems, Florent is turning to mainstream digital to have more impact. His motto is “having the energy in the morning when you come to the office”. How is it possible? Engineer at heart, his answer is to participate in ambitious projects with a competent and committed team, remain humble and creative in facing challenges, solve technical problems as a team because for him 1+1 >2, continue to learn and evolve in contact with its Tech teams!

A gourmet and always on the lookout for the latest culinary trends, it is guided by his passion that Luc joined the TheFork teams in 2015 as a sales field.

His human qualities and his listening have led him to a role of mentor for which he now accompanies the teams in their development and takes part in the onboarding of new recruits. A pure Parisian and a lover of the finer goods, Luc is a real guide to confidential addresses and references in natural wine.

Marika’s sense of service has been fully acquired when she was a flight attendant. In 2016, she joined TheFork as Office Manager and Chief Happiness Officer to enhance the employee experience on a daily-basis by creating a pleasant and friendly working environment. It is in the satisfaction of the Forkies that she draws her inexhaustible energy and her communicative smile.

After confronting software firms, web agencies and freelance loneliness, Olivier arrived in 2012 at TheFork Paris where he officiated in all IT areas before supporting the establishment of the Nantes office in September 2015.

Amélie joined the TheFork adventure very early, in 2011, in the support department in Barcelona. She then moved to Paris to train restaurants on TheFork platform. Later, she has been promoted one more time to manage a team of three trainers. She now supervises a dozen of account managers responsible for the commercial relationship with restaurateurs.

Anouk completes her internship within the CRM team at TheFork to validate her Master’s degree in 2016. She got a permanent full-time opportunity the following year to join the international strategic marketing team. She currently leads and coordinates all marketing managers in 10 countries to maximize the visibility of restaurants on the website.

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Much more than a booking site, TheFork is a true urban and community gastronomic guide that brings together more than 1000 Forkies!

Leading online restaurant reservation site in Europe, TheFork has been part of the Tripadvisor group since May 2014. They operate and hire in, no less than, 22 countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Peru, UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway… And 22 countries that share the same Fork, it’s a lot of tables, thousands of good moments to share and wonderful opportunities!

What they are looking for

Behind TheFork, there is a team of many personalities and talents, from salespeople to geeks, from burger fans to cassoulet lovers… with a common goal, to become the leading online restaurant reservation site in the world. 

Web designer, Business analyst, Project Manager, Account Manager… there is something for every taste here.

TheFork team aims to inspire and enable people to confidently discover experience and share food. We operate under a shared set of values that define how we do business and how we interact with our colleagues, our partners, our customers and our food community.

We strongly believe that building a diverse workforce of people from all walks of life helps us have a richer, more vibrant, more successful workplace. #ActLikeAnOwner   #WeReBetterTogether #WeNeverStopLearning #WeLoveOurCustomers #SpeedWins  #WeBelieveInTransparency

Good to know

Be a team player 🎯🏆

  • Board games during lunch break
  • Online Gaming Tournaments
  • Connoisseur clubs: Music, Wine, Rum, (...)
  • Battle of nerves in open space!
  • Participation in charities

Pay attention to your well-being 🙏💆♀

  • Swedish gym online every week!
  • Advantageous sports membership (bike, bootcamp, yoga etc.)
  • Runners team
  • Massage on Friday
  • Daily delivery of fresh and dried fruits

Above all be foodie 🥑🍕

  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Breakfasts to celebrate new Forkies and birthdays
  • Afterworks, even in video
  • MasterFork Challenge: Cooking Contest

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