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Puteaux, Barcelone, Bordeaux, Genève, Lisbonne, Madrid, Marseille, Montigny-Le-Bretonneux, Tours, Valence

Their values



Personal development



Their values

Humanity : bring back human to the core of processes It’s critical to preserve, or even bring back humanity to recruitment and HR. Sourcing assessment require not only human skills and know-how, but also trust. Digitilization is not an end in itself. It must be able to assist candidates, collaborators and clients to speed up response time, to ease interaction, eliminate biais or streamline administration and on-boarding processes.

Personal development : creating the right environment Since 2019, we offer our collaborators a mixed workplace organization, combining on-site and remote. This mixture not only improves work-life balance, but it also allows higher performance, alongside with versatility.

Follow-up : facilitate skills transfer/acquisition Through mentoring and team spirit, we back our collaborators in their everyday work, their projects and throughout their career with us. The creation of Lektio – our online training platform- in 2018, our Training center in 2019 and a new continuous-education career path in 2021, will help develop new competences and gain employability, and will provide our customers with high level service.

Engagement : do what we say and say what we do. That’s essential to build trust, both internally, regardless of roles, and externally, with clients, candidates and partners.


Born in 2004 from its founder’s forward thinking idea and boost by acquisitions : Selewens in 2014 and Winid in 2018, Talentpeople soon became the counsulting specialist in Talent Acquisition solutions (RPO, Sourcing and Assessment) by creating a unique ecosystem made available to its customers, themselves in the process of transforming their recruitment approach.

2021 is the beginning of Talentpeople’s global conquest with the openings of : Madrid’s office, and its Sourcing Center International in Barcelona and Lisboa.

What they are looking for

Increase theirs recruiters from 200 to 300 by 2026, in order to support theirs customers from startup to major international group, throughout Europeans countries for all industries and jobs combined, this is the ambition of Talentpeople.

Talentpeople is looking for : Youngs Polyglots Talents, Sourcing’s Lovers, Recruitement Experts, based in France, Spain or Portugal in order to complete theirs teams in Marseille, Bordeaux, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisboa.

For recruiters who are far away from their Sourcing Centers, they incorporate their employees in full remote.

Good to know

Join them and get perks :

  • Integration training (56 hours) created and developed by our school, Lektio, whatever your expertise level is.
  • A permanent coaching giving by a Team Leader, Manager or Project Director
  • The best sourcings tools and the whole Talentpeople ecosystem
  • You can choose teleworking depends on your tasks.
  • A support for those who wish to get settle in Barcelona, Madrid or Lisboa.
  • To the power of a strong group (Talenpeople is 100% Actual group. subsidiary)

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