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Vernon, Paris


Founded in 2008 by senior experts from major French schools, SYSNAV is an innovative high-tech, fast-growing French SME. SYSNAV is specialized in navigation, geolocation and movement capture solutions without infrastructure, even for extreme environments, beyond the reach of conventional solutions and GPS.

The unique SYSNAV technology is declined through high-added value Solutions in different sectors: Medical & Pharmaceutical, Energy & Industry, Aeronautics & Airports, Security, Mobility & Autonomous Vehicle. The added value of SYSNAV lies in its magnetic-inertial technology, which makes trajectory without infrastructure possible, in the variety of fields of application and in the responsibilities given to collaborators throughout their development in the company.

The SYSNAV profiles have been part of a common mindset since the founding of the company, focused on team spirit, creativity and the desire to find solutions to complex technical projects.

Located in the center of Vernon, in the Eure, 45 minutes from Paris and 30 minutes from Rouen, SYSNAV enjoys a privileged geographical location.

What they are looking for

Growing fast, SYSNAV recruits talents from the best engineering and business schools. They are currently a team of about 50 people involved in this ambitious project.

Autonomous and proactive, they wish to put their knowledge at the service of the company, the responsibilities and missions that will be entrusted to them. For that, listening capacity, rigour, intellectual curiosity and team spirit are the values sought by SYSNAV.

Whether you are business developer, product manager, developer, technical leader, data scientist or project manager, you have your place in our team.

Good to know

  • Rémunération avantageuse

  • Tickets restaurants

  • 2,5 jours de congés par mois pour les permanents, 2 jours de congé par mois pour les stagiaires

  • 1 jour de télétravail par semaine

  • Prêt de véhicules d’entreprise

  • Remboursement à hauteur de 50% des frais de transport sous forme d’abonnement

  • Bien que situés à Vernon, possibilité de travailler dans les locaux de Paris

  • Cooptation : 1000€ pour une personne de 3 ans ou moins d’expérience, 2000€ pour 3 ans ou plus.

  • Activités d'entreprises offertes par SYSNAV

  • Goodies à l'arrivée

  • Maison de stagiaires

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