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Stago is a French company in the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry with international activities. With operations in 18 countries, it has nearly 2,600 employees, half of whom are based in France.

Stago is a private independent company that brings together all the skills and know-how in the field of biology and instrumentation to develop, manufacture and market the world's widest range of reagents and analytical instruments for Haemostasis.

Using the most advanced computer, electronic and biological technologies, Stago invests in research and innovation to develop ever more efficient reagents, instruments and diagnostic solutions.

With more than 350 products on the market, Stago is a world reference in in vitro diagnostics and a privileged partner of medical biology laboratories.

Customer satisfaction is a strong value and everyone is aware that behind their actions there is a patient.

For the 7th consecutive year, Stago is labeled Happy Trainees with a score of 4.21/5 and a recommendation rate of 94.3%.

What they are looking for

What's important for Stago is to bring people who:

  • Wish to be part of a company on a human scale characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, values of listening and empathy and team spirit.
  • Seek to develop their expertise whether it is in computer science, biology, instrumentation (...) in a field characterized by technological innovation.
  • Wish to contribute to a useful mission: 80% of medical decisions are based on a medical diagnosis.

Good to know

A company on a human scale that promotes the well-being and development of its employees:

  • Quality of life: organization of unifying events, personal/professional life balance, teleworking, free drinks, constant improvement of the working environment...
  • Social benefits: nursery place, CSE, PERCO employer's contribution, cooptation...
  • A mentoring system for the integration of new employees
  • Employee development: development of business skills via an internal training center, development of cross-functional skills through participation in strategic projects, annual professional development interviews for all employees, etc.

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