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Over 50 years of innovation

From the first motorized rolling shutter—effectively announcing the end of the hand crank—to the connected home, Somfy has been supporting millions of users around the world, making their lives better for the past 50 years. Every day, 500 engineers collaborate and innovate to bring them simplicity, security, and peace of mind. By creating silent and connected motors, mobile applications designed to make managing homes easier, and smart solutions capable of securely communicating together, SOMFY teams are imagining tomorrow's home: A home where comfort, security, and sustainability come together.

A group committed to sustainable development

To fight the climate crisis, Somfy Group has placed our Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our strategy. The goal is to ensure that the Group’s operations have a positive and measurable impact on the environment. In addition, Somfy is reinforcing our commitment to addressing social and societal challenges through our Foundation and our fight against substandard housing.

What they are looking for

Somfy is looking for young talent with an engineering profile in different specialties: IT, industry, electronics, and more. As long as you are curious and at ease with change, if you have a strong innovative spirit and want to invest in the long term join our group and grow through our international opportunities. Fluency in English is of course essential.

Good to know

Alpine Headquarters on the border between Italy and Switzerland Somfy's headquarters are located in Cluses in the French Alps: 30 minutes from the Mont Blanc tunnel that connects to Italy and less than an hour from Geneva International Airport. The area is very dynamic and attractive as illustrated by the thousands of newcomers every year.

Remote working
For several years now, Somfy has included remote working in our “work time” agreement, making it possible for employees to work remotely for up to two days a week. This hybrid way of working promotes personal development and makes organizing our lives easier.

Somfy’s roots are in the French Alps so skiing and the values of effort and performance it represents are part of the Group's DNA. This passion is shared by all of Somfy's employees and can also be found in the support we provide to the French Ski Federation. We also provide individual sponsorships for talented biathletes and skiers, including multiple-champion Martin Fourcade who we sponsored for more than ten years, but also promising young athletes.

An inclusive company
At Somfy, we firmly believe in diversity. We feel it is both our societal duty and a true asset for the company's performance. At the end of 2019, Somfy signed two major agreements: an agreement on professional gender equality and an agreement on disabilities.

Somfy's mantra is “One Somfy One Team!”
The talent and commitment embodied by the men and women of this Group has been one of the reasons of its development and success over the past 50 years. Another reason is their quest for personal fulfillment enabled by a shared ambition.
Around the world, Somfy's 6,070 employees innovate and work together to pool their expertise and build projects that bring the Group's vision to life: "Inspiring a better way of living accessible to all".

Somfy Air program
In 2019, and after three years of research, Somfy launched our new Somfy Air Program to meet the environmental challenges of indoor air quality while lifting the various barriers to ventilation: lack of time, fear of burglary, or heat loss.

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