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Cloudimage is a B2B SaaS product crafted by Scaleflex, a startup created in 2016, focusing on media asset management and optimization to accelerate web and mobile apps. Cloudimage and Filerobot have attracted 500+ customers, from startups to major accounts, all over the world with a particular focus on Europe (Germany, France, UK) and the USA.

With no external funding, Emil, Julian and Charles have created a team of 16 passionate members, offering state-of-the-art image processing and asset management services for E-Commerce, Real Estate or Online Media. As images are everywhere on both web and mobile, the potential is infinite: new markets are opening up every month (Artificial Intelligence, Metadata, CMS Plugins...).

Numbers tell more than 100 words:

  • images represent on average 60% of a page loading time;
  • pages loading in more than 2 seconds lose about 70% of their visitors;
  • slower pages impact SEO ranking, conversion and hurt user experience: less revenue generated online!

What they are looking for

For the Cloudimage team, the most important thing is not where you come from but where you want to go, and especially how! Traditional team silos are broken and team members are involved in cross-functional activities to allow everyone to learn as much as possible and identify where he can excel. Strong autonomy, self-discipline and smart organization are essential qualities to perform in an international and remote team. The ideal candidate must be "hungry but humble" and work with passion towards achieving common and personal goals.

Good to know

The Cloudimage team is a patchwork of skills and cultures: it comprises of 8 nationalities spread across 9 countries. The passion for crafting beautiful user-centric products and to conquering limitless markets is what brings the people together. Add to this an obvious taste for speed (karting, skiing), travel (Eastern Europe, Asia) and team-sports (basketball first) and you obtain a great company culture and turf to thrive.

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