Rakuten France

Rakuten France

A corporate culture impregnated with Japanese values

Be optimistic

In Japanese, Rakuten means "Optimism". In contrast to a pessimistic market vision in which digital platforms aim to replace the players that prospered before the emergence of digital, Rakuten cultivates an optimistic vision of the digital transformation of commerce. This philosophy can be found in each of the group's actions: both with its partners and its internal collaborators. Rakuten is committed to building a better and more optimistic future by empowering individuals, businesses and companies to undertake all their projects and to succeed in their professional and personal development.

Always go beyond

To achieve our goals, exceed them and constantly improve, we apply the 5 principles of success called “Shugi” on a daily basis.

Always Improve, Always Advance

With enough determination and effort, we can accomplish anything.

Speed! Speed!! Speed!!

We can only be the best by working much faster than our competitors.

Hypothesize ⇒ Practice ⇒ Validate ⇒ "Shikumika"

Success in business depends on the development and execution of concrete and specific action plans.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

We are constantly striving to improve the experience of our customers.

Passionately Professional

Only by working diligently, ten times more than our competitors, we can be the best.

Being open to the world

Rakuten is an international group, present in more than 30 countries and offering 80 different services around the world. In France, more than 30 nationalities share their know-how. This exceptional multicultural environment allows each employee to discover a wide variety of communication, work and exchange methods and offers everyone the opportunity to develop strong adaptability skills. Mobility between countries is also encouraged and several employees are given the opportunity to work in different cultural environments. English is the Group's official language. “Englishnization" was initiated in 2010 to facilitate exchanges between all nationalities represented within Rakuten.

Undertaking with boldness

Working at Rakuten France means undertaking, proposing new projects, implementing them... in short, it means evolving in a "start up" environment with the resources of an international group. Our teams work in agile mode and are composed of a maximum of fifteen people. This allows employees to take initiatives, to be empowered and to benefit from autonomy in the realization of their projects. Actors of their professional evolution, they can, by giving themselves the means, evolve within a changing, dynamic and international environment.

Walk together

Rakuten is imbued with with values ​​and traditions represented by the slogan “Walk together”. This philosophy unites the 25,000 employees around the world and enables them to move forward "together" towards a common goal.

Rakuten bases its growth model on empowerment by implementing its stakeholder's activities and empowering them to act. Preferring the search for lasting harmony to disruption, Rakuten is committed to preserving existing balances and to bringing together the interests of both its BtoB and BtoC clients, and of society. At Rakuten, each position, each project is valued ! By sharing strong values ​​and many moments of life, the working atmosphere and team spirit are unique.

Every week, Rakuten employees get together for "Asakaï", a meeting during which they talk about results, news, global projects, and celebrate successes.


Rakuten was established in 1997 in Japan and is at the origin of the marketplace concept. Today, as an international Tech group, Rakuten is an ecosystem composed of 80 entities issued from e-commerce, content production, Fintech or communication such as Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Kobo, Rakuten TV... just to name a few. With more than 25,000 people in more than 30 countries around the world, Rakuten is one of the top 5 global e-commerce platforms with a business volume of $172 billion and a community of more than 1.5 billion members.

What they are looking for

At Rakuten France, personality is important : the essential is to be motivated, proactive, to have the taste for challenge and the love of e-commerce !

Good to know

  • Every Wednesday morning is held the Asakai (aka "Morning Meeting" in Japanese), a meeting during which all employees meet to talk about strategy, issues, global projects and all the news!

  • The newcomers introduce themselves by singing at the microphone in front of the whole Team Rakuten.

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