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Rakuten DX

Olivier started his career at IBM after an engineering degree in physical sciences and computer science. A true tech enthusiast, Olivier quickly rose through the ranks to launch an IBM innovation center in Montpellier, before joining Rakuten DX as CEO.

Today CEO of Rakuten DX and Président of Rakuten Symfony, he travels the world from India to the United States to Japan to energetically represent Rakuten DX solutions. He is also a seasoned athlete who does not hesitate to do the Spartan race with his family with his youngest child, and to cross the countryside on mountain bikes under the snow!

After a career in consulting, training and development on open-source web technologies and more recently successful experiences as CTO for SaaS software vendor in the fields of banking, telecom, LegalTech and AgTech , Hubert joined Rakuten DX to accelerate the transformations to deliver our mobile solutions and participate in the development of Rakuten DX within the global strategy of Rakuten. He’s a passionate and enthusiastic technology lover.

Always looking to discover new professions, Jérémy has worked in many sectors (Audiovisual, Transport, Banking, Real Estate and today Digital) in France and Canada where he quickly rose through the ranks in various HR functions: Social lawyer , Social relations advisor, RRH then Legal and social innovation director for a group of more than 2000 employees. He joined the Rakuten Group in December 2019 as HR Manager of Rakuten DX. Since September 1, 2021, he has taken on new responsibilities within the Group as Regional HR Manager within the tech division in Europe managing a population of 160 employees (including that of Rakuten DX) across 7 countries.

Passionate about traveling and hiking, Jérémy has traveled the world on foot, from the volcanoes of Iceland and Costa Rica to the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage in Japan, via the Fitz Roy in Patagonia and to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, his country of heart. He is always looking for his next challenge!

A graduate in computer and statistical engineering, comfortable with figures, Philippe began his career as a biostatistician and then a data miner. A true jack-of-all-trades in data, he then moved on to the profession of business intelligence consultant where he supported many large groups and organizations in understanding and mastering their environments using data. He joined Rakuten DX in April 2019 where he developed the Business Intelligence and Big data part and managed a team in this field.

When he lets go of his keyboard and his datalake, it's to grab his snowboard and tackle the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Mickaël comes from a double course in art and design at the Sorbonne and the Gobelins in Paris; then evolved as a creative throughout his digital career. He worked for ten years in communication agencies and consulting firms; then joined Rakuten DX in May 2019; as a Lead UX designer.

Specialized in design thinking, he leads co-creation workshops and supervises our team of UX and UI designers. Its ambition is to grow a multidisciplinary design team that knows how to combine product design, ergonomics and interface design. The profiles sought are therefore varied: UX and UI designers, User researcher, Product designer, Interaction designer, Design sprinter, etc. and let us add that he is also an accomplished dad, passionate about horseback riding, he spends his free time "galloping through the scrubland" with his mare.

Florian Lemoine graduated from Art studies before embarking on a career in catering. Passionate self-taught, he successfully reoriented himself in IT before landing his first internship with a publisher, Rakuten DX, where he rose through the ranks to become Chief Technical Officer! Today responsible for technical programs between France and Japan, he occupies with rigor and good humor a position at the crossroads of several high-stakes activities for the group and the company, but also at the crossroads of two cultures, since Florian takes off in family for Tokyo.


Rakuten DX is a technical expertise center of the Japanese group Rakuten, based in Montpellier. The company is specialized in mobile applications generation using its own SaaS platform. Thanks to No code & Low code technologies, Rakuten DX delivers App combining quality, design, security and fast conception with the best possible user experience.

Whether it is sport, telephony, or sustainable development, its expertise is focused on ergonomics and design using collaborative design methodologies, as close as possible to the customer’s expectations and to the Rakuten group thanks to a talented team.

A true start-up within a large international group, Rakuten DX solutions combine many services, innovations and technologies from the vast Rakuten ecosystem: e-commerce, Fintech or communication with Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Kobo, and Rakuten TV.

What they are looking for

Rakuten DX is looking for talented people who thrive both in a start-up environment and in a group with an international dimension. Creative, passionate people, true team players convinced that digital technologies help to improve the world.

Good to know

  • A big tech level : enthusiasts people and international projects with the Rakuten group
  • An arcade terminal made "home" by the team
  • Time flexibility : they organize themselves, they reconcile : flexibility comes first
  • Flower power: green office ! And other initiatives.

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