Onoff Telecom

Onoff Telecom

Triple world champion in rollerblading, presenter and participant in television programs, serial entrepreneur... Taig's professional life has always been filled with great challenges. During his umpteenth hospital stay, he thought of a new challenge, just as athletic as his career up to now, and decided to completely reinvent his entrepreneurial adventure. His goal? To dust off the world of telecommunications, which has been lagging behind for 30 years, by offering an innovative solution and placing telephone numbers in the cloud. Thus, the Onoff Telecom adventure was born, guided by Taig's vision!

Passionate about the world of startups and marketing. Justin is our Marketing Director at Onoff! Graduated with a Master 2 at ESG specializing in Digital Business, Justin has been working for almost 10 years in the automotive, energy, gaming and online banking sectors, mainly in marketing and communication. He is committed to taking Onoff as high and as far as possible. Justin is also passionate about extreme sports, thrills, and watches (and yes he is also a watchmaker in his spare time!). If you see him, it'll probably be on a speedbike, electric skateboard or kite-surfing, full speed ahead with lots of ideas in mind. His favorite quote: "Time is precious, don't waste it!"

After a career as a physiotherapist for 7 years, Olfa decided to change careers and set herself a new challenge: to learn about development concepts through various boot camps in order to make it her new profession. Settled in Canada to discover the advantages of an expatriate life and to immerse herself in a new culture, Olfa is back in France to take a new job: Developer at Onoff Telecom.

Startup and entrepreneurship oriented, Enguerrand wishes to evolve in dynamic and challenging environments. After multiple experiences in a big bank, a coworking and an incubator, he chooses to continue his career at Onoff Business in order to discover the sales business. His ability to adapt and accept challenges are his greatest strengths. He considers that evolution lies in social interactions. Passionate about skateboarding, his favorite figure is the Pop Shove-It body varial.


Onoff Telecom is a licensed telecom operator in 21 countries and provides numbers from 33 different countries. With its 4 patented technologies, Onoff provides a global cell phone service available in the Cloud, combining the simplicity of mobile applications with the reliability of traditional telecommunications. Onoff Telecom has two products: Onoff, which allows individuals to obtain a second number via an application, and Onoff Business, a 100% dematerialized business telephony solution for companies and associations. Founded by Taïg Khris, Onoff has raised 20 million euros to expand worldwide.

What they are looking for

Whether you are a Developer, Business Developer, or a Customer Success Manager, Onoff Telecom is looking for motivated, versatile and autonomous profiles with a strong team spirit! If you are ready to take up the mission of challenging a very established and competitive industry and you wish to work in a fast-growing company with a dynamic team, Onoff will be delighted to meet you! :)

Good to know

At Onoff you will be able to:

  • Work in a fast-growing startup and evolve in an international environment
  • Discover new cultures and learn new languages thanks to our multicultural teams: indeed, more than 15 different nationalities work at Onoff Telecom, at our Paris and Tallinn offices
  • Enjoy a flexible work environment, with a weekly organization mixing remote work and working from the office (depending on the team)
  • Participate in team-building activities to get to know your different colleagues and to develop team spirit: virtual lunches, team events dedicated to a special topic...
  • Challenge the Sales team to compete at virtual car races ;)

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