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Past and future

Their story

Their story

Created in 2015 in Bordeaux by Pierre Delmas (CTO) and Hugues Defréville (CEO), two committed engineers with complementary skills.

Newheat now counts 6 solar thermal power plants, in operation or under construction, for a total of 40 MWth and more than 200 MWth under development in France and abroad.

The team has grown from 6 to 25 people in 4 years, and shares a common vision: the desire to offer an energy alternative to build a sustainable future.


launch of the activity


filing of first patent


1st plant commissioned


7 M€ fundraising, entry into the capital of Bpifrance


accelerated internationalisation, presence in Spain, Central Europe, Australia and Chile

40 MWth

construction and in operation

Their vision

Newheat aims to continue its recruitment, its R&D efforts and its commercial deployment in France and abroad!

To this end, the company is looking to strengthen its team to confirm :

  • Its leadership in the modelling and management of renewable heat production plants without combustion
  • Its quality of design and implementation, in a culture of achieving performance
  • Its positioning as an integrated player offering a "turnkey" solution for the supply of heat to its customers.
  • Its international ambitions: Spain, Australia, Chile and Eastern Europe
Their vision

Company values

Newheat's values were determined collectively by the 25 members of the team, all of whom are committed on a daily basis.

{Enthusiasm} 👩🏻‍💼

Moving towards a common direction that drives us: a sustainable transition that creates value for all! Collective energy and optimism characterise our team spirit on a daily basis.

{Excellence} 👩🏼‍💼

A commitment to rigour and high standards, to continually seek an optimal and appropriate response to the decarbonisation needs of each of our clients.

{Boldness} 🧑🏻‍💼

Revolutionise the renewable heat market with innovative solutions to provide a concrete and massive response to the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions.

{Responsability} 👨🏽‍💼

Make strong social and environmental commitments to give meaning to our growth and earn the trust placed in us. We maintain absolute integrity in all circumstances.

Commitments and CSR

Newheat places human and sustainable development commitments at the heart of its activity.

In the nature of its projects: Decarbonisation of the heating sector, with local production solutions, without combustion.

In order to verify the Tons of CO2 effectively avoided for each project, Newheat has carried out several detailed carbon balances of its installations, over their entire lifespan (quantifying the pollution generated by their construction and operation, in CO2 equivalent).

In the choice of partners: selected "project by project" according to the specific needs of each site, on the basis of precise specifications integrating safety and sustainable development issues, and giving maximum value to local companies.


On a daily basis, Newheat has a real positive impact on the environment, which can be measured with concrete figures. Already, the solar thermal power plants in operation by the end of 2021 will prevent the emission of more than 2200 tons of CO2 per year! A figure that we hope to multiply by at least 100 in 10 years!