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Saint-Ouen-Sur-Seine, Gif-Sur-Yvette, Paris


Neoplants is a biotech start-up founded by Lionel (Ex Google) and Patrick (PhD Genetic Editing, ENS), working on the first generation of bio-engineered plants to fight air pollution. We're starting with indoor air pollution, which is up to 5 times higher than outdoors, and is caused by a specific type of pollutant called VOCs. We create plants capable of effectively remediate these compounds in your home (up to 30 times more effective than traditional plants). Our longer-term ambition is to leverage our technologies for other large-scale applications, such as CO2 capture and storage. We are backed by top tier Silicon Valley and European investors and we are currently based in Paris, France.

What they are looking for

Neoplants is looking for passionate, ambitious, rigorous and talented individuals to supercharge our R&D and be part of its mission: putting nature at the heart of product innovation to drive positive change. 

Neoplants is looking for individuals who are not afraid to take on seemingly impossible challenges, humble enough to recognize when barriers are insurmountable, yet ingenious enough to find workable solutions. 

At the beginning of a thrilling journey; with amazing growth opportunities. Joining Neoplants means being part of a world-class team and having a huge impact on R&D and the development of its products. The ideal candidate will get to exercise leadership, critical thinking, project management skills and team spirit by acquiring multiple responsibilities in an ultra fast-moving environment. He / she will also contribute to the exceptional working environment Neoplants is cultivating.

Good to know

Joining Neoplants also means having the opportunity to take part in numerous corporate events that are an integral part of the company's culture (annual kick-off, off-site seminar, team lunch, mini-training sessions, afterwork, anniversary celebrations, team activities such as escape games or go-karting....). 

All this in our brand-new headquarters, "The Seed": a unique 1,200 m2 space on two floors featuring a state-of-the-art wetlab, full-scale performance test rooms among other high-end equipment, as well as open-plan offices and superb team spaces!

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