Senior Java Developer

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  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software
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Senior Java Developer

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🚀About us 🚀

Despite constant advances in technology, we at Miuros believe humans will always be at the core of the customer experience. Our goal is to make everyone’s lives easier: Customer Experience should be delightful for those who live it, and smoother and faster to build for those who shape it.

Miuros is the solution that turns customer service data into actionable insights. As a SaaS solution seamlessly integrated with industry standards (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Help Scout), it exploits the goldmine of data every company has hidden in customer service departments. Through automation to supercharge support agents, analytics to empower managers to make data-driven decisions in minutes and quality assurance to put an emphasis on continuous improvement, we make customer service teams smarter and faster.

Backed by top European VCs, we serve customers all over Europe and North America (e.g. TransferWise, Deezer & Automattic).

Job description

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer that can support our fast growth and help us get to the next level.

Why should you join Miuros?

  • Join a small tech team, where you can really contribute to shaping our processes, architecture and dev culture.
  • Be part of an international company, proud to represent 10+ nationalities
  • Jump on a train that is accelerating fast, as Miuros is backed by VCs and growing fast on customers, revenue and organization.
  • Enjoy flexible hours and the possibility to work remotely


As Senior Java Developer, you will:

  • develop new API-based integrations to connect Miuros to innovative Customer Service/Management platforms,
  • contribute to the release of new services, as Miuros expands his offer for (and beyond) Customer Service teams,
  • feed the data scientists with data, abstracting away some of its complexity,
  • scale our processes to support the company’s growth (automate, automate, automate),
  • increase our test coverage.

Preferred experience


  • You are passionate about object-oriented programming and writing code that is easy to (1) understand, (2) maintain/extend, (3) test, (4) re-use
  • You are passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems, with one eye on your sprint goals and the other on long-term benefits
  • You are a driver. You can work with limited supervision, but you are also happy to brainstorm on technical solutions, be receptive to feedback, and coach more junior profiles
  • You are experienced in collaborating with remote peers
  • You are fluent in English, you can communicate what you have in mind effortlessly and can write documentation

Technical experience

  • Java (4+ years)
    — Design patterns (you can write an iterator or a singleton blindly)
    — API clients (you eat Json and HTTPS for breakfast)
    — Logging (you love logging libraries and hate System.out.println)
    — Unit testing (you are happy only when you see a full green bar)
    — Profiling (you don’t panic for an OutOfMemoryError)
    — Common libraries and Spring framework (you don’t like to reinvent the wheel)

  • Relational databases (2+ years)
    — Postgres (preferred), MySQL, Oracle
    — Data modelling (you understand the pros and cons of normalizing data)
    — Query optimization (you can read a query plan and act on it)

  • Unix systems (2+ years)
    — You are not a sysadmin, but you can run your code remotely, inspect logs, edit config files on the fly

Recruitment process

How to apply:

  • My favourite cover letter is a 3-5 min video where you introduce yourself, explain why you are the right profile and what drives you. A piece of text is okay as well.
  • Share your CV and LinkedIn profile and optionally your StackOverflow/GitHub/ profile

Recruitment process:

  • first remote screening review
  • coding test
  • second remote interview with code review
  • meet the co-founders

Meet the Miuros team

Questions and answers about the offer
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