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Plat: 50K až 55K €
Dátum nástupu: 24. marca 2024
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skúsenosti: > 5 rokov
Vzdelanie: Magisterský stupeň vzdelania
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We need you

Reporting to the Chief of Staff of the company, your objective is to run the HR day-to-day activity, launch some HR developments, improve some HR processes, and directly handle the internal admin & payroll activity.

HR Operations

★ You are leading the whole Personnel Administration activity (contracts, internship agreements, amendments, attestations, etc.) on Implicity’s operating countries

★ You fully manage all working time obligations (vacations, sick leaves, on-call planning, recovery days, timesheets, worked Sundays, etc.)

★ You are all HRIS administrator, you deal with user access / questions, and manage all set-ups

★ You organize onboarding (& offboarding), both on the managerial side and on the admin side (with the dozens of tasks related, including coordination with IT support for material)

★You manage training administration (employee registration, OPCO paperwork, attendance proof, etc.)

★ You develop “HRIS” & “Training” activities

★ You ensure any compliance & legal obligations, and can get the support of our external lawyer if needed
★ You lead our internal social committee

★ You ensure offices are compliant with health & security regulations (emergency procedures, security trainings…)

★ You are simply leading the whole Payroll activity on Implicity’s operating countries

★ You partner with external providers France / US / Germany


★ Performance” & “C&B”: you lead the annual cycle, with Annual Appraisal campaign, salary benchmarks, salary reviews, succession plans, annual survey, 360° surveys for managers, etc.

★ Primary point of contact for managers and employees within your scope of responsibility on all organizational matters and HR issues.

★ Participate in shaping our HR strategy by leading cross-functional HR projects (implementing new HR processes and tools, workshops, etc.).

Office / Happiness

For all these taks, your job is to coordinate activities with the full help of an intern you manage

★ You coordinate the Office Management activity
(tidiness, receptions, shipments, supplies orders, track stocks and inventories, suppliers, etc.)

★ You coordinate Events & Happiness activities
. Annual event calendar with weekly afterworks / Monthly special afterworks / monthly external activities / monthly “little treats” / monthly sport events, etc.
. You coordinate yearly offsite meeting

SeriesB preparation

★ You get HR department ready for coming SeriesB:
You reshape onboarding process, you prepare a solid admin & payroll, you set workflows, to work as fast as possible after SeriesB and absorb the wave of new colleagues

Preferované skúsenosti

⭐️ You are ⭐️

🥉 Your Background
★ You have a Master degree
★ You have at least 5+ years of professional experience in HR in 2 different work environments
★ You have a very solid track record on both building and delivering a helpful day to day HR service

🥈 Your Hard Skills
★ You are very solid on HR hard skills (pay, admin, process, legal law)
and you definitely have a track record to put forward
★ You are tech savvy, and love trying new ways
★ You are both super fluent in French & in English, like for real in both languages
★ You are very UX oriented - You like to things right / quickly / efficiently and get acknowledgment for that

🥇 Your Soft Skills
★ “Autonomy” is your Middle name  &  “Rigor” is your last name and you’re like organizationally impressive…
★ You obviously have the basics admin/payroll set of skills: rigor, attention to details, confidentiality, etc.
★ You have the ability to mix strategy thinking and execution
★ You like to find pragmatic solutions and a “get things done” mindset
★ Strong work ethic & daily act with integrity, honesty and fairness
★ You like this ad, and think this is very like you 😊

It is OK to apply without meeting all the criteria: just honestly tell us why you think you can be THE one.

Náborový proces

😁 More cool stuff to know about Implicity 😁

💰 Remuneration
★ For this job (CDI - full time), your base salary will be between 50 - 55K€ depending on your experience
★ Company BSPCE

👍🏻 Benefits
★ Health care plan: Alan (28€ / month + 15,5 for kids)
★ Luncheon voucher: 9€ (50% employer)
★ Transport: 50% of your pass  OR  sustainable mobility pass (38,55€ / month)

★Up to 3 days remote per week

★8 to 10 days of RTT / year

🙏🏻 Let’s Meet 🙏🏻

★ If you believe that you are the right person for Implicity, we are looking forward to receiving your application through the Implicity page on “Welcome To The Jungle” website
★ We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We constantly challenge ourselves to build a diverse team of talents and to create an inclusive environment for all employees
★ Recruitment process:
30 min call with Lucie, Head of Staff
  Technical Interview with Anais ( Head of finance ) et Lucie

We propose that you complete a case study at home
  Case study Interview with 2 of our managers
  Cultural fit Interview with Arnaud, our CEO

**=>** Depending on your availabilities, the recruitment process should last less than 2 weeks.

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