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HighTec EDV Prague

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HighTec EDV International
Our technology - Your life | Open source | Compiler | Safety | RTOS | Agile | We do it our way | We are HighTec. We don't talk. We develop. Embedded.

We are a world-leading provider of commercial open-source compiler and embedded software tools, primarily for the automotive and industrial sectors.

We firmly focus on the Innovation, Safety, and Reliability of the products we develop. We continue to develop Open Source compiler technology to dedicated HW architectures used in robust, safety-related applications. We build our own modern, service-oriented Real-Time operating system, PXROS-HR, designed to create complex safety-critical applications on multiple cores.

Brembo brakes on a Ferrari or Claas combine harvester. Tesla in a parking lot, Liebherr crane in front of a building, or a tram on the street. Schindler elevator, SMA solar system, or Argo AI self-driving car. Bosch, Intel, Scania, Volvo, Audi... What do they all have in common? They use our operating system and compiler. Sounds incredible? Our agile, highly qualified team keeps up with the major players in many industries. With our 40 years of experience, we bring great ideas to life quickly and safely.

We have always been different and one step ahead. We started with Open Source and an operating system for multicore Micro-Controllers when nobody believed in them or us. Ten years later, we are world leaders in compilers and operating systems in the industrial and automotive market segments, without marketing and big talk.

HighTec CZ
a local branch of an international company, is based in Prague, just a short walk from Vyšehrad. At present, there are 12 of us working in several agile teams:

Compiler team
„We believe in Open Source. We strive to make it available in applications that have been the domain of proprietary solutions. We look under the hood of modern and non-standard HW architectures. We know the insides and outs of GCC and LLVM technologies. We can translate the latest C/C++ standards into optimized opcode sequences so our customers can rely on them. …And further down the road, who knows if the embedded world will remain with C/C++ and that we won´t reveal the utility of another, such as RUST language"

Application Team
„Our job is to look at things closely. Understand how they work, figure out their uses and pass our experience on. We learn the latest technologies, put them together, combine them. Sometimes we even tinker a bit to see what they can do. Join us in the world of Embedded technology; This trip won't just end!“
Michal Frydrych, application team leader

IDE team
„We are developing an environment that aims to provide developers with a tool that enables efficient embedded application development. Step on board our ship! We are a bunch of enthusiasts who have ventured from the calm waters of Java and Eclipse to brave the seas of JavaScript, Node.js, React. Our new goal is the Theia framework.“ Roman Knížek, IDE team leader

What are they looking for?

HighTec values candidates that are a good fit with our company culture; curious, resourceful, able to wear multiple hats if needed, and passionate about what they do. Empathy, a taste for learning, and a strong sense of ownership are essential qualities, regardless of the candidate's professional or academic background. Everyone can develop and improve their skills here. Sharing, mutual care, and a good mood are an essetntial part of our DNA!

We are the same blood group, are you interested? We are looking for colleagues, enthusiastic developers, programmers who share our mission - using Open Source and modern operating systems to contribute more security in technology and thus in everyday life.
By joining our team, you will participate in developing innovative and exciting technologies!
👉 We are ready. Let's change the world together!

Why to join them?

  • Supportive, fun and open-minded team and management
  • Multicultural environment
  • Respect for your opinions
  • Flat hierarchy where decisions can be made quickly
  • Flexible working hours, possibility to work in an office or from home
  • Friendly premises a convenient office location
  • Highly competitive salary
  • Financial support in long-term illness
  • Education, personal development, sharing of experience
  • Cycling storage and shower facilities

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