United and driven by the same respect for know-how and a job well done, the men and women of Hermès come from a variety of professional backgrounds, and enrich the house with the uniqueness of their career paths.

Each of them is a craftsperson in his or her own way, and harnesses a wide range of skills that are essential to the house’s various métiers: around the collections, in the factories, with customers, or in other departments (communications, finance, human resources, legal, etc.).

Hermès employees share their voices

The freedom to create

“I didn’t think I’d be designing luxury objects one day, I just wanted to create objects. But designing a beautiful and useful object with complete creative freedom, seeing it crafted by artisans, gives meaning to every one of my creations.”

Jens, designer for Hermès Horizons


Reinvent our métiers

“Logistics is the link between the artisan and the sales associate. Opening the orange box must be a magical moment for the customer. As each object is unique, I reinvent my métier every day.”

Servane, logistics sector supervisor for Hermès


Build bespoke career paths

“Hermès gave me a chance, even though I didn’t tick all the boxes. From leather-worker to workshop manager, I have had various roles within the house, in France and overseas. This bespoke career path has helped me forge very strong bonds of trust with the teams.”

Manuela, director of the Hermès workshops in Paris


Join a responsible house

“The leather workshops we build are first and foremost designed for the artisans: they must be as beautiful and durable as the objects that are made there. Establishing new sites has a positive impact on artisan mobility and regional vitality.”

Claudine, head of sustainable construction at Hermès


Be part of a collective adventure

"As a sales associate in the Boston store, then assistant to the director of the new Orlando store, I am experiencing the Hermès adventure in my home city. I’ve found the perfect balance between my personal life, my coworkers and the community of Hermès customers that I love guiding as they discover the house.”

Cordell, director’s assistant at the Hermès store in Orlando, United States

“I like a challenge. From Guangzhou to Shenzhen via Changsha, from accounting to store management, I have always been mindful of building a special relationship with the teams, and I take extra care to listen carefully to everyone, sales associates and customers alike. Hermès has given me the chance to play my own part in a real odyssey.”

Daisy, director of the Hermès store in Shenzhen, China



A creator, artisan, and seller of high-quality objects since 1837, Hermès is an independent, family-owned French house.

Driven by a spirit of continuous entrepreneurship and high standards, Hermès cultivates its employees’ freedom and independence with responsible management.

The company perpetuates the passing-on of exceptional know-how through a strong regional presence that respects people and nature. Sixteen artisanal trades feed the creativity of the company, whose collections are presented in over 300 stores around the world.

What they are looking for

At Hermès, more than 17,500 people around the world, including nearly 11,000 in France, work to create “beautiful objects in beautiful spaces” in a harmonious, environmentally friendly setting. The company is open to a wide range of profiles. Hermès seeks out women and men with a spirit of curiosity, a sense of teamwork, and a commitment to quality. Our management style is based on trust, which fosters team spirit and lifelong learning.

Good to know

A digital pioneer in its industry with the launch of its first e-commerce site in the United States as early as 2001, Hermès is constantly seeking to innovate for this digital flagship, which is now positioned among the Group’s leading stores. In a spirit of creativity, authenticity, and diversity, it brings together distance selling, services, and original content around the history and news of the house.

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