GETFLUENCE is a fast-growing company that is developing a European marketplace to connect advertisers (brands and agencies) with more than 10,000 international publishers (digital press, media and influential blogs), in order to simplify the processes involved in sponsored article campaigns (native articles).

What they are looking for

Getfluence is looking for talented individuals that are passionate about the world of native advertising. It is looking for dynamic and ambitious people who will be able to fully express themselves and seize as many opportunities as possible. This is a fast-growing company, you have to know how to adapt in a constantly changing, educational environment. Having a good team spirit is also essential! Adventure brings us together.

Good to know

Joining Getfluence means joining a European project that has been growing since its launch and is has a place on a market that is constantly growing and offering opportunities.

Getfluence is in tune with the development of each employee and makes a point of ensuring that each individual is properly integrated into the workplace and enthusiastic about coming to work every day. That’s essential!

The hierarchy is horizontal, everyone, whatever their position, is available and close with their colleagues. With a foundation of trust, professionalism and the desire to succeed, each employee can benefit from its small-scale structure, pleasant environment, favourable opportunities, and activities and events that help the team to meet up, reinforce their team spirit over time, and provide a moment to let of steam every month.

The team is committed, young and dynamic, and makes the most of the pleasant setting, whether during the day to help the company and its employees grow, or for team building events and relaxing evenings.

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