EyePick develops robotic and machine-learning technologies to enable automation in the physical world. Their software gives sight to robots, enabling them to replicate manual tasks in unstructured environments.

Their mission is to enable smart automation in low tech industries by providing coachable robots to end customers.

They are a fast growing company, part of the Future 40 of Station F, the world's largest startup incubator, and are supported by the best deep tech ecosystems: Elaia, Entrepreneur First, BPI France, Wilco, and many others!

What they are looking for

EyePick is looking for talented and ambitious teammates in fields such as Computer Vision, Robotics, Software Development, Software Sales, Industrial Operations.

The values that matter the most at EyePick are: High Standards, Efficiency, Integrity, Teamwork, Persistance and Curiosity.

They are working on some of the toughest problems in industrial automation. That definitely requires a taste for challenge, a creative mind and sharing a common vision: repetitive and dull work should to be done by robots.

Good to know

  • We have a Chief of Food and Beverages, whose missions include ensuring we never run out of coffee, suggesting new drinks, and prepare the votes for Friday meal.

  • You get to name a robot of your choice. This name will be added to EyePick's permanent database and will be used forever :)

  • Each Thursday we have the Morning Tech Dive, where a subject is presented by one of the members of the company to all the others.

  • After each 2 new hires, we organize an event to welcome them: paintball, escape games etc.

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