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At Echosens, our teams are driven by the same purpose: helping healthcare professionals everywhere assess, diagnose, and treat chronic liver diseases for easier, quicker, and more efficient patient management.

R&D, Engineering, Sales Management, Operations, Maintenance, and Support: each team and each member provides their own contribution to the continuous development of our activity, and the combination of different profiles and skill sets is our greatest asset.

Working at Echosens means combining our talents in an inclusive and innovative environment to improve health and well-being for all.


Employee breakdown

  • Research & Development / IT:


  • Operations


  • Medical Affairs


  • Pharma


  • Marketing


  • Business


  • Finance


  • Quality & Regulatory Affairs


  • Human Resources


Business Team

The Business Team is in charge of marketing all our solutions.

Whether through direct sales or a large network of distributors, our Sales Team serves more than 100 countries and has helped sell and set up more than 7,200 FibroScan® devices worldwide.

They are more than just salespeople: every day, they build on their technical expertise on our products and train healthcare professionals on their use. They cultivate a trusting relationship with clients and partners and share a common goal: ensuring holistic liver healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

In 2008, I worked in technical sales at Echosens in Spain. I now work as a Sales Director with a dynamic and agile team in Europe and Australia. Together, we want to make livers heard around the world!

Camille, Directeur Commercial


The SWAT Team is in charge of developing end-user software for Echosens embedded products.

Through its wide array of activities, the team has developed technical skills in C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python. Best supporting healthcare staff while providing sustainable and testable solutions is at the heart of our work. Our profiles are varied – from Developers to Product Owners, without forgetting Testers and DevOps –, but we share the same values: to offer a reliable IT solution to users and patients.

For SWAT (Software Application Team), supporting the needs of both physicians and patients is our true calling. The software that we develop for our solutions has a real impact on healthcare.

Héloïse, Team Leader SWAT R&D

What I love about being a Lead Developer is designing and rolling out innovative algorithms for our future medical devices as a team, in order to support physicians in their practice and improve patients' lives.

Nicolas, Lead Developer

Supply Chain Team

The Supply Chain Team collaborates internally across the board with all Echosens departments as well as externally with all suppliers.

We are a vital intermediary between Sales, Production, and Stocks on one side and Customer Service and transporters on the other, and we bring a clear vision and understanding of multiple markets. We are involved throughout the whole value chain, from management and forecasts to customer shipping. We have a range of complementary profiles to ensure we can deal with current and future problems.

The supply chain is crucial for the development of our operations. We are at the centre of everything: R&D, industry, quality, continuous improvement, customers, and distributors. It is this daily diversity that I love.

Jérémy, Supply Chain manager

Medical Affairs Team

The Medical Affairs Team is in charge of supporting clinical excellence at Echosens.

Building on an international team of clinical researchers and application engineers, our main purpose is to contribute to innovative developments for FibroScan® solutions while meeting regulatory requirements. We are also involved in developing on-the-ground training offers for our distributors and users. This shared clinical expertise leads to a shared goal today: using relevant clinical data to support healthcare professionals in their use of FibroScan® for patients.

Since 2017, I have been able to contribute to the reputation of FibroScan® in clinical use by working alongside reputable experts on international scientific projects with exciting clinical topics with the end patient in mind.

Anne, Medical Affairs Manager

Cloud Team

The Cloud Team develops digital solutions and connected services to enrich the Echosens portfolio around FibroScan®.

We are experts in web tech and take pride in agile methodology with a view to developing digital platforms that will connect FibroScan® to the outside world, such as in hospital infrastructure and patient management programmes. We also collect data that allows us to develop new algorithms to identify at-risk patients and improve predictability for liver diseases.