International Project Manager (H/F) | Internship

Stáž(6 mesiac/-e/-ov)
Plat: 1,3K až 1,6K € za mesiac
Dátum nástupu: 30. júna 2023
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We’re looking for a junior Project Manager for the DataScientest tech department. The main goal of this role is to enhance user experience and satisfaction and to improve the international profile of DataScientest.

This international aspect will be the core of the role. One of our company’s biggest goals for the coming years is to continue and consolidate its expansion abroad, following our good results in the German, Spanish and Canadian markets.

For this reason, two key aspects of this role will be improving the product as well as the scheduling and development of courses abroad.

During your internship, you’ll be in close contact with the other teams and with the co-founders of DataScientest.

Your main responsibilities will be as follows:

💥Follow-up of trainees:

  • Improve student satisfaction and performance through enhanced monitoring

  • Increase the completion rate

  • Carry out training follow-up interviews

  • Premium B2B support

  • Set up a monitoring strategy, track KPIs and corrective strategies

  • identify potential ambassadors and recruit them

💻Project Management:

  • Launch of promotions

  • Sales/business strategies: sponsorship, ambassadors, upsell

  • Overhaul of current processes to update and improve them

  • Take part in the effort to document our processes and render them scalable

  • Organize all course schedules (pedagogical tracks) and events, and create potential visual content (e.g. presentations)

  • Develop the services offered in foreign countries

💡The benefits of the stage

  • Develop your knowledge of data, with the possibility of unlimited self-training

  • A very practical first step into the tech world

  • Rapid skill development and growth within the company

  • Coordination and cross-functional role between all departments

Further information

  • 6-month internship (césure ou fin d’études)

  • Competitive compensation

  • Possibility to partially work from home

  • 50% of commuting costs covered (titres de transport)

  • Starting date: ASAP

  • Location: La Défense

  • Unlimited access to all our training courses! 🚀🚀

Preferované skúsenosti

  • Business school, engineering school or university

  • You are highly motivated and well organised

  • You have an appetite for data and technology

  • You have good empathy skills

  • You have excellent interpersonal skills and are attracted to the start-up environment

  • Knowledge of Spanish and German is a plus

Don’t wait any longer to apply, we would be delighted to meet you!

Náborový proces

Here is the process and the various steps:

  • Step 0 - quick call with HR

  • Step 1 - 1 hour interview with the manager

  • Step 2 - Case Study

  • Step 3 - visit our offices (if possible) and final interview with the Lead Program Manager or the CTO

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