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AXA’s mission is to “empower people to live a better life”. We want to make the change from being a payer to a partner. Our Group Operations (GO) division’s mission is to support all of AXA’s teams and empower them to take on responsibility in order to achieve this shared ambition. 

To achieve this goal, innovation and execution are our key drivers. They guide all of GO’s teams each day:  

  • Innovation: creating and providing the foundations and opportunities for AXA’s teams who will develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of our current and future customers; 

  • Execution: creating the environment that will enable our teams around the world to bring their ideas to life and deliver on the promises made to our customers. 


Specifically, we aim to: 

  • Further strengthen value creation for the entire AXA Group; 

  • Support and encourage innovation within AXA, collaborating with the Group Business Innovation division; 

  • Automate and integrate simplicity into our day-to-day work, while ensuring we effectively contribute to AXA’s mission and strategy. 


Within this context, you will join the compliance and data privacy team part of the General Secretary comprising of the compliance, data privacy, legal, internal control and risk functions. The compliance and data privacy team is composed of 19 members including the manager. The purpose of the function is to identify, assess, monitor the regulatory risks that could affect AXA Group Operations and to support the business (internal departments and other AXA entities) to implement the most appropriate responses. 


Reporting to second line management your core missions will be: 

 Understand and adopt the detailed policy requirements / guidelines in every-day work to ensure a compliant handling of assigned tasks:

·       Data privacy :

o   Support the team in identifying the processing of data, due to a product, a project or daily tasks in each business function at Group Operations ;

o   Support and maintain the register of processing activities up to date ;

o   Perform data privacy impact assessments to understand their impact and propose mitigation measures where required ;

o   Collaborate with the teams in charge of responding to data subject requests (i.e. rights of access, rectification, objection and similar requests) ;

o   Assist the team in assessing incidents. 

·       Compliance (Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Sanctions, Anti-Fraud regulations etc) :

    • Support in handling of requests such as gifts and entertainment declarations ;
    • Help in assessing Conflict of interests situations and proposing mitigation measures to be adopted where required ;
    • Support and perform sanctions screening and third parties due diligences ;
    • Support in compliance reportings and assessments ;
    • Help assessing the different compliance regulations and their impact on business activities.

·       Generally :

o   Support to the different projects providing Data Privacy and/or compliant assessments, including via analysis of the different on-going or up-coming regulations that could affect the activities ;

o   Support, draft and participate in negotiations of compliance and data privacy clauses in internal and/or external contracts, under the lead of a senior teammate, understand and learn related strategies ;

    • Support in drafting, implementing and delivering trainings, policies, procedures, process and awareness actions on data privacy and compliance topics ;
    • Support in preparing and drafting on compliance and data privacy reports, including internal controls and risks reports or maturity assessments ;
    • Support in answering to internal and/or external audits;

o   Support the business function and team in designing the mitigation plans and the monitoring of the effectiveness of the plans ;   

    • Provide a relevant monitoring of risks assigned to be under surveillance ;
    • Provide proper communication toward the different stakeholders (at group and entity level) ;
    • Participate in reinforcing the collaboration with the other 2nd line teams ;
    • Support business functions for topics related to compliance and data privacy activities ;
    • Participate in studies and a strategic watch on data privacy and compliance topics, such as AI or ethics. 


You will develop: 

  • A good understanding of what is data privacy and compliance and how does it create value for the business 
  • A global understanding of what are the business processes composing each function 
  • An overview of the digital and organizational challenges of a global IT company 

Preferované skúsenosti

You like: 

  • Being part of a global environment and collaborate on various and innovative topics,  
  • Working with different cultures, peoples, functions, needing a high level of adaptability 


Training: law school (data protection and/or compliance), business school, IT.


Specialization: Compliance (anticorruption, sanctions, fraud, …), data privacy, information systems 


Soft skills: 

  • Results Orientation, including via performing tasks according to defined processes
  • Ability to follow indications for tasks prioritization,
  • Thorough and careful
  • Structured and organized
  • Develop an internal sense of urgency to complete tasks 
  • Holds self and others accountable for delivering high-quality results on time 
  • High level of adaptability
  • Ability to build strong working relationships across a broad and varied mix of people and skills 
  • Ability to win the trust of the team and internal customers  
  • Team Spirit 
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels 
  • A collaborative work style and team-building mind-set  
  • Intercultural sensitivity 
  • Flexibility 


Hard skills: 

  • Strong regulatory and data privacy and compliance culture  
  • Knowledge in data privacy and compliance methodology  

·       A good knowledge of the GDPR and/or Sapin II law will be appreciated.

Language skills:  

  • English – proficient  
  • Other languages valued: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese 


IT skills: 

  • Office 365 
  • OneTrust is a bonus

Type of contract: 12 months contract

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