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Paris, Düsseldorf, Heidelberg, New York


AVENCORE is a fast-growing global consultancy with offices in France, Germany, China, and the US.

AVENCORE specializes in industrial competitiveness with a proven track record across many industries. Clients value the firm's ability to deliver results in line with their expectations, while generating momentum and changing the mindset across their organization. AVENCORE's consultants are both strategic thinkers with extensive knowledge in product and operational improvement, and doers who drive practical changes with clients, while keeping the big picture in mind.

AVENCORE works for large international groups as well as mid-sized companies, in all industrial sectors: energy, defence, space, aerospace, transport, consumer goods, process industries, health, automotive, etc. For each project, AVENCORE's teams use a holistic approach, involving Purchasing, Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality, Support, Supply Chain teams from their clients.

What they are looking for

AVENCORE is looking for talents from top ranking universities and engineering schools - freshly graduated or experienced (within Consulting or Industry areas).

They share a common willingness to:

  • work on strategic, high-stakes projects driving significant improvements with their clients,
  • be at the heart of it, at the client's, and measure tangible results of their work
  • hone their soft skills: leadership, communication, ability to synthetize, customer relationship...
  • demonstrate entrepreneurial mindset to contribute to the growth of a fast-changing, agile and dynamic firm

They have the skill set to zoom out on projects and zoom into details when needed. They demonstrate excellent written and spoken communication skills along with strong leadership to drive the right momentum internally and with their clients' teams.

Good to know

  • No backoffice at AVENCORE! AVENCORE hires consultants who directly take part in projects at the client's.

  • Consultants follow a mentorship program and receive tailored training to boost their hard and soft skills, and enrich their industrial knowledge

  • Frequent festive events

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