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Who we are ?

Artefact is a new-generation data consultancy with over 1,200 employees in 19 countries, dedicated to supporting and transforming our customers through data. We offer a wide range of data-driven solutions, which we tailor to our customers' specific needs. These include projects that use Artificial Intelligence to automate internal processes, optimize supply chain steps, or even create innovative, personalized consumer experiences. 

The performance of our data services is underpinned by genuine technological expertise in Artificial Intelligence and business skills acquired with over 1,000 customers worldwide, including AccorHotels, Orange, Carrefour, Engie, Emirates, Deutsche Telekom, Monoprix....

Artefact's strength lies in a unique combination of assets: knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, agile methods that enable us to deliver projects very quickly, and teams made up of the best experts in their fields (business consultants, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers...). To support this growth, our Consulting department is looking for a Junior Software Engineer.

What is it to be an Intern Software Engineer in Artefact?

As an intern software engineer at Artefact, you can expect a dynamic and collaborative work environment. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. As an intern, you will work closely with our experienced software engineers on a variety of projects, ensuring that you are never left alone at the client. At Artefact, we place a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing and personal growth, so you can expect to be given opportunities to learn and develop your skills throughout your internship. You will be encouraged to ask questions, share your ideas, and work closely with your colleagues to find creative solutions to challenging problems.You will have access to mentorship, regular feedback, and training to help you build your knowledge and expertise. Overall, working as an intern software engineer at Artefact will provide you with valuable experience and skills that will help you excel in your career. You will be using data as a tool to solve the real-world problems encountered by various sectors (e.g. retail, luxe, telecom, healthcare). This involves multiple activities:

- You will work in an agile team composed of data experts like you, but also non-technical people.

 - You will work on and deploy your software to the cloud (GCP, AWS or Azure).

- You will implement software with Python and SQL to create applications and data transformations.

- You will apply DevOps principles: automating tests and cloud deployments with CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code (we use terraform), packaging applications in containers (we usedocker), implementing enablers for data observability (we use DBT). - You will be developing one or more of the following technical expertises: Software Development, Analytics Engineering, ML Engineering, Cloud Architecture, or Site Security & Reliability Engineering.

The recruitment process :

The recruitment process : To join Artefact, we offer a four-stage recruitment process:

  • HR call
  • Interview #1 - Coding test with a senior software engineer
  • Interview #2 - Architecture and pipeline test with a senior software engineer
  • Interview #3 - Job interview with the Sofwate Engineer team manager.

Each interview is an opportunity to talk about your experience and learn more about Artefact and the software engineer position.

On-boarding Process :

As an intern software engineer at Artefact, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding process that will help you understand the various positions within the company, including consultant, data scientist, data analyst, and software engineer. The onboarding also includes training on critical transversal skills such as time management, oral and written communication. You will also be assigned a mentor who will guide you as you familiarize yourself with the company culture and way of work. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work on internal projects to gain hands-on experience and hone your skills. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to obtain certifications on cloud providers before working on client missions. This onboarding process is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful software engineer at Artefact.

Tasty Benefits : 

  • Ideal location: we are based in the heart of Paris in the 9th district. 
  • A unique mix of talents (Data consultants, Data Analyst, Data scientist, software engineer), and fast career opportunities. 
  • A great place to learn: You will master the key skills of the data consulting world: you will receive regular training on technology, you will work in hybrid teams, you will learn the specific ways of working in tech (product mindset, agility...). At the end of your Artefact experience, you are an experienced technology leader.
  • In addition, you have a mentor who will be dedicated to help you in your orientation and your professional development within Artefact.
  • Culture: Innovation, Collaboration and Action are our values. We are doers who working together to create innovative solutions



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