Amélie Favre Guittet

CEO of Talent Management Group, HR influencer, LinkedIn Top Voices 2021 and recruitment expert.

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Who said job-searching couldn’t be fun? Amélie Favre Guittet is a recruitment expert, serial entrepreneur and committed HR influencer. With her work, she helps both - candidates and companies - who’ve been left on the sidelines of the job market. After ten years of navigating the waters of both the private and public sectors, she began helping out small and medium-sized companies, the “ones forgotten by the recruitment agencies’’, in the search for future talent. This led her to create her recruitment agency: Madircom. Her kindness and passions revived the dusty image of a headhunter, with her offbeat approach being exactly what was needed. She went on to create the educational program PIMP MY CAREER a few years later, where she decided to focus on students and young graduates, helping them to boost their employability. She is also the creator of BOOST ME UP, a similar program that aims to help people over the age 45, along with the Negotiation Academy in 2021, which serves as an immersive negotiation training course. Talk about an agenda! As part of the Welcome to the Jungle Lab, Amélie has proven, through practical and engaging content, that success has nothing to do with age!