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Levallois-Perret, Amsterdam, Lisbonne, Madrid, Milan, Moscou, Nantes


Weborama is a French international group created in 1998, lead in semantic AI, with activities in all Europe, North and South America, drivent from offices in Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam and Moscow.

Weborama has been developing for more than 20 years semantic AI and behavioral technologies, making the group one of the global leaders in Data Marketing. The company specializes itself in the usage in qualified behavioral data and big data operation technologies to helps clients optimize their digital marketing technologies. Since 2020, Weborama also offers a powerful contextual tool based on Semantic AI, NLP and machine learning, used for customer knowledge and targeted advertisement in a privacy-friendly way.

Its solutions are 100% proprietary, developed by its own R&D, solutions such as a big data management platform, a behavioral database, semantic analysis tool in 8 languages and measurement tools.

The French business units challenges the most advanced American technologies, which makes exceptional and innovative clients trust Weborama : AXA, Leboncoin, SNCF, EDF, Crédit Agricole, Renault or Intermarché.

What they are looking for

Weborama is working in a highly competitive and moving market, making it look for various but mostly highly motivated profiles. Teams can have people in retraining, coming from computer science school, engineering school, business school or even high-level scientist from "les Ponts" or "les Mines".

The company is first of all looking for motivated and dynamic people, who like to evolve in a company where taking initiatives and being rigorous are great assets for all jobs. Employees are today coming from various experiences : consulting company, media agency, tech or data company, IT services, ... Weborama bets on this diversity of studies and professional experiences to innovate and go forward, together.

This variety of profiles is brought to evolve in teams that work collectively and seriously in open environments, where all ideas count.

Good to know

At Weborama, no imposed ritual, no table football placed in a corner just to be "cool". Instead, the company listens to the ideas of employees, and the general ambiance is built on those ideas.

The company obviously organizes various events: seminars are held regularly to share with all employees Weborama's latest strategic decisions, as well as its successes and challenges. Inspirational talks, from internal or external personalities, are also organized around both technical and broader themes (testimonials of female leaders, representation of LBGTQUIA+, responsible advertising, etc.). Finally, the traditional music festival brings together employees from all countries who form music groups to share a moment of exchange between all Weborama offices in a musical atmosphere.

In addition, by the initiative of one person, a competition was launched to predict the winning team of Euro 2020 with prizes offered by Weborama! Football enthusiasts launched their team, when people motivated by their summer body organized lessons with a coach. Nerf guns can hang around in teams who love them, while others prefer impromptu karaoke, not to mention afterworks on terraces or in gardens. In short: Weborama encourages these initiatives to create and maintain this unique atmosphere in which everyone can find themselves.

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