Automovilístico, Comercio electrónico, Digital

Paris, Lisboa

Alexis has been an entrepreneur for 11 years. He created his first company, Ohmysocks in 2010 : an online socks brand distributed in more than 120 outlets worldwide.

In 2017, with his childhood friend Jean-Philippe Coutard, also an entrepreneur, and his associate Antoine Humeau, they decided to simplify the car maintenance experience in Europe. With a strong conviction: the problem of trust between mechanics and drivers will be solved by more transparency in the market!

In April 2017, they created Vroomly, the first auto repair shop comparator that gives you all the information you need to choose your garage with confidence. In a few years Vroomly has become the leader in online auto repair shop booking in France, and is now the first platform for selling auto parts to mechanics.

Alexis focuses on creating a unique customer experience, with one belief: the best marketing to drive a company's growth is the quality of its product.

After working for a few years in Market Finance, Jean-Philippe turns to entrepreneurship. After several meaningful experiences, he joined Alexis on Vroomly in September 2016. They created the company with Antoine a few months later.

After several years of experience at Rocket internet, Publicis and Eulerian, Jérémy joined Vroomly in 2017 as a Traffic Manager. At the time, there were only 7 of them in this already very promising startup.

Today, he has become Head of Marketing and has surrounded himself with a great team of 5 people.

If his ultimate passion is video games, Jérémy is also very passionate about digital marketing and data. He has a central role in the company's strategy and rapid growth. As proof, he managed to make Vroomly grow from 200 000 unique visitors to 1.5 million in a little more than a year.

Thomas started his career in 2014, at Apple, as a Technician at the Genius Bar. In 2017, he made a reconversion to work in one of his passions: coding. The training allowed him to become a developer and integrate Quatre Epingles as a Full Stack JS developer to validate his knowledge.

In June 2018, he joined Vroomly as a Full Stack ReactJS/Python developer. Today, he evolves in Vroomly's Booking squad and works daily with the Product Manager, Product Designer, CTO, Lead and Dev. His challenge: deliver the best experience to the users.

Once out of the office, Thomas likes to go where the wind takes him, as long as it's on his motorcycle (BMW F900XR for the experts).

After spending more than 3 years at SFR as a Communications Officer and Community Manager, Léa joins Vroomly in 2019 as a Customer Care. In addition to her past professional experiences, Léa has a string to her bow that helps her daily. She is a certified Consultant Coach specializing in stress management, conflict management and Non Violent Communication.

She is now the Customer Care Team Leader of a growing team. Her mission and that of her team: to obtain 100% customer satisfaction and boost the NPS of the Vroomly. And she is doing very well. Her secret? Listening, empathy and above all a smile!

When she's not on a call with our customers, Léa is passionate about art and discovering new horizons, both across the globe and on the screen.


Vroomly is a hyper-growth startup revolutionizing the daily lives of mechanic and drivers 🏎💨

As an online auto repair shop comparator, we connect thousands of mechanics with drivers every day everywhere in France !

Key numbers of the 5 first years of Vroomly

  • We became leader of our market 💥
  • The Vroomteam grew up from 3 to 90 people 😎
  • More than 5,000 trusted mechanics 👨‍🔧
  • More than 1,7 million unique visitors on our website each month 🧑‍💻

We are building the must have plateform for every mechanic accross Europe

We raised 5M€ in 2021 and we offer today 2 services : Vroomly Booking, our online auto repair shop booking platform and Vroomly Parts, the 1st B2B auto parts marketplace comparator, allowing mechanics to buy their auto parts at the best price with the best level of services.

In 2022, we’ll keep working hard in France… and abroad. To ensure our European expansion, we’re going to double our workforce to reach 120 people by the end of the year.

Ready for the adventure ?

We can’t wait to get your application ! 👇

What they are looking for

At Vroomly, degrees and labels don’t matter ! They are looking for passionate people, experts in their field above all.

If you are :

  • ready to rock the world,
  • full of ideas that you want to defend,
  • autonomous in your work,
  • ready to do teamwork,
  • but more than anything our values : expertise, proximity and transparency speaks to you

Join them, you’ll like working together !

Good to know

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about mechanics it’s ok ! Some of them don’t even have a driver’s license…

Each member Vroomly benefits from a mechanical training in a workshop during his working time. You'll see, it's very complete and very practical. In a few weeks you’ll know everything you need to be a great web mechanic !

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