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As the Lead Solution Engineer, Honza helps developers when they don’t know how to tackle an issue or if their solution isn’t up to his standards. He’s there to advise the architects and consultants whether the customer’s requirements are technically feasible. However, he still enjoys writing code, so he goes back to it from time to time.

Honza has been in Vendavo since 2012. That’s why he considers his colleagues to be more like his friends. He’s always there when they need help, advice, or cheering up. He wouldn’t trade his team for anything in the world.

When Honza isn’t working, he likes to go for a run. He even used to run half-marathons. However, now his family and house reconstruction take precedence.

Niky’s task is to make sure that customers are satisfied with the final product, and that Vendavo delivers what was promised. Her main duties include manual testing. Niky is the intermediary between the customer and the developers, and she reports all the software bugs she finds to them. Niky joined Vendavo in 2015, but she has been a tester for eleven years already. She still enjoys her job as much today as she did when she started.

In her free time, Niky pursues martial arts, in particular Krav Maga. She likes to joke that this sport helps her gain due respect among her predominantly male colleagues. She also likes to travel and attend animal charity events.

As a Development Engineer, Vladimír is part of the development team, whose main task is to implement new features in the app, fix bugs, and test whether everything works as it’s supposed to. He’s a big fan of new technologies and procedures. That’s why he’s excited that now he has access to things he has never encountered before. However, the most important thing for him are the people. Ever since he’s started working there, he got on very well with his colleagues. When someone in the team comes with a great idea and is able to defend it, they may redo the entire code in order to make it more efficient.

Vladimír, as a true developer, likes programming even outside of work. But to compensate for sitting behind a computer screen at the office, he tries to exercise as much as possible. He likes hiking in the mountains, and sometimes he hits the gym.

Vojtěch started as a programmer, but he soon realized that it wasn’t the right choice for him. Rather than writing code, he enjoys working with customer requests and their verification and validation. That’s why he soon switched to Quality Assurance.

Now he tests products that Vendavo develops, and, above all, he tries to be one step ahead of the bugs. He constantly consults the developers about the purpose and target customer of the given product, how is it implemented, tested, and what value will it bring to the customers in the end.

For Vojtěch, his job is his hobby. He travels the world and gives lectures on QA and Agile Development at various conferences. He’s also an avid sports photographer. He likes to take photos of ice hockey and other team sports. At Vendavo, Vojtěch appreciates the flexible working hours and a reasonable work-life balance that gives him enough time for his family.

Tomáš leads a team of developers and QA engineers, and together they’re in charge of one of the company’s main products – Profit Analyzer. However, they’re currently working on something new. Tomáš started out as a programmer, but later he switched to the position of a Product Owner. He spends most of his time planning and communicating with his team, and, from time to time, he makes business trips to the US to meet the clients. Because he keeps in touch with the customers, he knows firsthand how they use the products and how the products help them succeed on today’s competitive market.

Tomáš truly appreciates the friendly vibe throughout the company. Vendavo is perfect for him because it’s neither a corporation nor a “punk” start-up. It’s just about right. However, he can see the results of his work all around the world.

On weekends, he tries to leave the computer behind and switch to manual work at his cabin along with his family. Tomáš likes orienteering and even trains a group of children in Hradec Králové.

Company Introduction

Originally a small start-up, the Vendavo company is now the main solution provider of price management and optimization to companies all over the world. The company headquarters are located in Denver, and they have three branches in the Czech Republic – Prague, Ostrava, and Hradec Králové. The Czech branches focus on product development for the largest clients, such as Ford, Siemens, or Dell. In Vendavo, they emphasize an innovative approach to problem-solving, where each individual has the opportunity to contribute with their ideas to the development of the product and, as a result, the entire company.

Who Are They Looking for

The company primarily offers job opportunities to Java developers with experience encompassing other programming languages, operating systems, and databases. They should be well-versed in their field, no strangers to terms like Spring, AWS, PostgreSQL, Docker, or Kafka, and looking for flexible working hours and friendly company culture. However, the company also gives the opportunity to young people who wish to gain some experience. Vendavo offers internships and supervision of graduate theses to students in technical fields. Even though there are only three offices in the Czech Republic, the company recruits outside these places as well. Since Vendavo makes it possible for the employees to work at least partially from home, skillful developers can work from practically anywhere.

Good to Know

Vendavo makes sure that the employees have plenty of opportunities to learn. Everyone can, after talking with their supervisor, attend a conference or training corresponding to their professional focus and interests. Once a year, they organize the “Innovation Week” with the participation of various teams across the entire company. During this week, the engineers work on new products or technical innovations from which the best projects are selected and implemented. Since working in Vendavo requires communicating in English, the company offers language courses with the option to attend lessons even during the working hours. The company is conscious of its social responsibility and offers its employees up to two days off per year for charitable activities.

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