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In 2001, the vente-privee concept was born. Based on the simple but revolutionary idea of transforming the old stock clearance business through digital technology. Back then, the e-commerce was just starting up in Europe, vente-privee set up a digital platform, so that major brands could sell their stock at greatly reduced prices in an attractive environment that protected their image.

Vente-privee invented the digital model of event-driven sales, and became a pure player retailer that completely disrupted retail codes in its historical sector: fashion.

In 2019, vente-privee changed its name, becoming a European brand: Veepee.

The site thus asserted its position as the European leader in online event-driven sales. Every day, the Veepee website offers its members access to these sales. Ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home equipment, toys, sports articles, high-tech, gastronomy products and more are sold in limited quantities for a certain period (between 3 and 5 days) at significant discounts, with a high-quality presentation.

By 2022, Veepee had over 66 million members in ten countries around the world. This success is due to a constant quest for innovation, creativity and quality in terms of both offer and service, under the leadership of Jacques-Antoine Granjon. "Our mission is to create an event every day, to maintain that spark of desire.” A tried and tested recipe that is now being copied on a global scale.

But because innovation and diversification are important to Veepee, they constantly reinvent it, with connected business, Brandsplace, second-hand goods, etc. Veepee’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit continuously drives it to develop and create new activities like Re-cycle and Re-turn, which prove its determination to combine profitable growth with social and societal responsibility.

20 years after its creation, Veepee was the first French unicorn to cross the €1 billion threshold in turnover in 2014 – without ever resorting to fundraising. Veepee occupies a prominent place in the French Tech landscape, and is again one of the Next 40, for the fourth year running.

The group now has a workforce of 5,500 in 10 countries and posted a turnover of €3.2 billion in 2021.

What they are looking for

At Veepee, we see life though rose-tinted glasses! So we are keen to have positive, creative employees with a certain aesthetic sensitivity. We firmly believe in the power of the collective, and in the right to try things out, to undo in order to re-do better, to make mistakes and start again – all pulling together. We are also a Tech company, with employees who feel passionate about digital and new technologies.

And last but not least, we are discount traders, keen to serve brands and provide them with all the expertise and excellence mastered by every one of our employees.

Good to know

Veepee represents hundreds of different jobs, and teams as rich as they are varied. Our idea is to keep as much of our expertise as possible in-house, from the tech department (the brains behind our sales) to our internal agency (guarantor of our highly singular identity), our sales staff and our logistics force. They all work together daily to produce that inimitable Veepee magic.

From La Plaine Saint-Denis to Barcelona, through Brussels, Sevilla, Tel Aviv and Milan, our international teams operate in a hybrid (remote friendly) way, with English as the main language.

Veepee France has been certified Top Employer 2023: proof of the quality and innovative power of a constantly evolving HR policy!

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