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Full-Stack Engineer (Operations)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Salary between €35K and €45K
  • Paris
  • Master's Degree
  • > 1 year

The company



  • FinTech / InsurTech
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Full-Stack Engineer (Operations)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris

This position was filled!


Upflow is building the reference payment platform for B2B businesses in Europe.
Cofounded by Barnaby and Alex in 2018 and started off eFounders, the startup aims at revolutionizing how B2B get paid by providing them with a simple solution to get paid faster and easier.

Job description

>You’ll support growth, daily operations and product developments through building internal & backend tools that help the Team execute at the speed of light. ⚡️

Mission 🚀

As a Full-Stack Engineer (Operations), you’re responsible for supporting Upflow’s hypergrowth in a highly technical environment. By building, enhancing and optimizing internal & backend tools, you will empower the growth / operations / product teams to strive for and achieve operational excellence in order to provide an outstanding experience to our customers.
Notably, you will :

  • build large parts of Upflow’s growth & data infrastructure with code, UI, data pipelines and integrations between our tools
  • help identify, benchmark, select and build up the right tools in order to further the Upflow operational excellence to better serve our customers
  • quickly build POCs to enhance Upflow’s experience and test them out in the field; refine and ship them into the product
  • support daily execution and bring it towards maximum automation; we’re a regulated financial institution, but on steroids
  • design and implement processes to help all Upflow teams maximizing operational velocity and helping our customers achieve their desired outcomes

Preferred experience

You 🎯

  • Have an entrepreneurial/hacker mindset and are at ease in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment - you firmly believe that “done is better than perfect” and strive for simplicity
  • Start by doing things that don’t scale, but aggressively look forward to bringing them to servicing hundreds of companies as we grow
  • Have a strong product/business sense - we’re building & shipping for our customers, not ourselves
  • Have already designed, implemented and communicated data-based recommendations
  • Bear extremely high quality standards and always find your way amids complexity and confirm intuitions with facts
  • Are heavily biased towards actions and are a fast learner who figure things out, as well as proactively explore new areas outside your current circle of competence
  • Have a successful 6m-3y prior experience in software engineering and/or technical operations or growth

Recent Operations-related Projects:

  • In-house lead scrapper & enrichment => 10X reduced time vs call to external API
  • Payments <> Invoices matching algorithm
  • Upgrading the document extraction engine
  • 2-way integrations with major billing / accounting tools

Why you should join Upflow on this role

  • You have full and privileged exposure to every part of the business: you’re sitting at the crossroads of sales, success, product and engineering with the broadest view of business operations and lie and the heart of day-to-day execution.
  • You are instrumental in supporting strategic decisions in every area, from all the way up the sales funnel through onboarding and success down to the guts of the product. You make the cogs clinging optimally together as we scale rapidly to provide an outstanding service to our customers - and we pride ourselves on an very high retention level.
  • We think big - for both the company and for you. We’re building the next European fintech and you will have the opportunity to work on an extremely wide array of data-related problems that impact tens of thousands of users going forward.


Join us at a super early stage, incredible opportunities ahead 🚀
Join a great and solid team of hackers and hustlers, we’re here to make a change

  • All you can expect from a great place to work:
  • free lunches everyday at the office 🥗
  • lovely office at the heart of the startup ecosystem
  • brand new laptop 💻 , external screen,
  • healthy snacks 🍇
  • A strong medical care: Alan Blue cover ⛑
  • Regular offsites with the team, meetups and strong connections to the startup ecosystem
  • Ability to spend a significant amount of time working remotely (if that’s what floats your boat). And time off when you need it. 🏝

Recruitment process

Applying at Upflow is -really- a two way process between you and us. We need you to want to work with us you as much as we want to work with you. Keep it mind all along the way.

📝 You apply: show us you’re smart, show us you’re a builder: if you don’t have a time for a short cover letter explaining why Upflow, then don’t apply!
🎧 Screening: 30 min in visio to answer your first questions and making sure we’re on the right path.
🤩 Interview: 45 min at our offices with your hiring manager to get to know each other and answering your questions. Be prepared, be curious.
✅ Ref checks: we always take 3 to 5 ref checks from your previous lives. That will help us understanding how to get you onboard.
🤓 Case: Time to show your skills. We usually provide a detailed written case of technical test allowing you to showcase your capabilities.
🏃 Interviews second round: You meet with 1 cofounders and 1/2 peers if needed.
🍺 Meet the team: we give you a chance to meet the whole team and making sure you’ll feel part of our family

Meet the Upflow team



Full-Stack Engineer (Operations)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Salary between €35K and €45K
  • Paris
  • Master's Degree
  • > 1 year
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