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Team Vitality

Deporte, Videojuegos

Paris, Berlin

Passionate about video games and competition, Fabien “Neo” was already a major contributor in esport before it became a worldwide trend.

During an internship during his audiovisual studies, he met Nicolas Maurer, with whom he founded Team Vitality in 2013: the first esport team with the ambition of becoming the French club leader. Ten years later, having won world championship titles and gone from coach to manager to President, the "Neo formula" is working perfectly. The team has become a real company, and has grown to a level of influence that no one could have anticipated. Every project Fabien Devide leads within Team Vitality reflects his passion and values!

Nicolas Maurer is the co-founder and CEO of Team Vitality. After training at a film school and years of experience as a video editor, Nicolas followed his entrepreneurial spirit and took up the challenge of an esports journey.

In 2013, he founded Team Vitality with the ambition of making it one of the leading clubs in France and Europe. Thus, Nicolas managed to raise more than 35 million euros and create partnerships with major companies in their respective sectors (Tezos, adidas, etc.). On a daily basis, he continues to oversee the club’s growth and development with the goal to make Team Vitality one of the most influential esports organizations in the world.

Anne became passionate about esports at a young age while playing various video games and watching the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series, prior to the LEC). In 2013, she attended the final of the LCS in Cologne at Gamescom and fell in love with live esports events. This passion for esports is also reflected in her work. She wrote her thesis on esports marketing and worked closely with universities on the development of esports management courses. Pursuing her studies abroad allowed her to forge an important business and marketing background.

In 2019, she joined the berlin based organisation G2 Esports where she worked closely with the COO and Founder in her capacity as Executive Assistant as well as leading the League Operations. Working for one of the biggest esports structures in the industry for 2 years allowed her to gain insight into various departments and their relevance in the business. In early 2021 she accepted a new challenge in the Data Industry as Chief of Staff where she used her experience to support the fundraising and organizational development.  In November 2021, Anne joined Team Vitality as Operational Director of the esport division. On a daily basis, she manages a team of 7 people and some 27 athletes to lead Team Vitality to victory.

After nearly 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Celine joined Team Vitality in 2020 as Legal Director.

Although not a player, Céline has discovered a real passion for Team Vitality, its values and its team spirit (and competition!), and more broadly for the esport industry. Her role is to guarantee the legal security and economic interests of Team Vitality, both by drafting and negotiating contracts and by advising the various departments of the company (Esport, Partnerships, Marketing, Diversification etc.), always ensuring to keep a "business partner" approach. This new ecosystem represented by esport is an opportunity for Céline to understand new innovative sectors such as blockchain or NFT - and the legislative framework associated with them.

As an avid supporter of Team Vitality for over 3 years, it was a natural step for Tobias "Skyarin" Crokaert to join Vitality in March 2022 as a Social Media Specialist. In contact with Vitality's business units, Tobias establishes and implements the team's strategies and communication plans on a daily basis by feeding Vitality's social networks with news. Passion, autonomy, freedom and responsibility are the keywords of his job. Tobias travels frequently to cover the team's competitions, creating ever more diverse and innovative content.

Amélie has over ten years' experience in strategic and operational marketing, brand management and retail marketing within Disney.

Driven by the desire to work for a company and a brand on the move, with a strong vision, ambition and values, she joined Team Vitality in 2020 as Head of Merchandising.

After designing and managing the merchandising strategy (creation of new partnerships with lifestyle brands, relations with sports equipment manufacturers, etc.), Amélie is now Fan Activities Director. Her new role involves broadening and democratizing Team Vitality’s audiences, and maximizing related revenues.

Guaranteeing an enhanced esport experience for fans and a wider audience alike, Amélie will turn you into a real bee!

Continuing his 20 years' experience in audiovisual production in linear and digital environments, François-Xavier “FX” joined the adventure in 2019 and is now Head of Content Creation & Activations.

His role is to define and implement Team Vitality’s brand's content strategy. His main missions are to supervise our audiovisual productions (live and VOD content generated during our events) and to manage marketing activations dictated by the company's schedule.

Between filming, shootings, planning and discussions with our partners, François-Xavier is a veritable centerpiece of our brand image!

Shynouh's story with Team Vitality began at the launch of Vitality's WebTV: VTV. At the time, she was a Content Creator on League of Legends Summoners Rift.

Since then, her passion and energy have led her to become one of the most important ambassadors of Vitality’s roster and today, she continues to support the family in which she became a big part: Team Vitality's hive!


Team Vitality is a French esport club created in 2013 by Fabien "Neo" Devide and Nicolas Maurer. In ten years, the club has become a leader in France and Europe, and evolves internationally on 7 emblematic games: League of Legends, CS2, Valorant, FIFA, Rocket League, Call of Duty Mobile and StarCraft 2.

Composed of international players with exceptional performances, the club is fully dedicated to the identification and development of a whole generation of esport athletes. In total, the Team Vitality community has more than 12 million fans across all social networks, which it also unites on its V.Hive mobile application.

Team Vitality is proud to have global partners in their industry, such as Tezos and Hummel. The tricolour club has teams around the world: Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), and Mumbai (India).

What they are looking for

Like a sports club, Team Vitality has developed several activities and services to support its growth.

Team Vitality is always on the lookout for expert profiles or talents in the areas of esports, sponsorship, business development or marketing.

The club is looking for candidates with a strong taste for performance, authenticity and a taste for challenge, and an exemplary attitude. Team Vitality believes in the diversity of backgrounds in its teams, and gives a chance to experienced profiles as well as to young people with high potential.

Good to know

*Leading esport club in France and Europe *V.Hive is the GQ of Team Vitality in the heart of Paris. It is a 1,000 m2 space composed of offices for employees, a shop, a meeting place for fans and a cybercafé. *Friendly, committed colleagues who share the values of performance, excellence and authenticity. *Teleworking allowed

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