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🔔 Steeple is a growing scale-up with the desire to revolutionise work life in companies with a "phygital" internal communications tool. Its mission is to engage employees, unite them around a corporate culture, and enhance employer branding through improved internal communications, enabling intelligent information sharing without discriminating against less connected employees. Because at Steeple, they are convinced that there is work, but above all, there is: life at work! If your curiosity is piqued, you can find more information about Steeple's culture here.

What they are looking for

At Steeple, the values they advocate can be summarized on the five fingers of a hand:

  • Humility 🤗 : It's what drives them to approach others rather than putting themselves forward, to share successes rather than claiming them.

  • Honesty 🤝 : With clients, colleagues, and oneself. We like to have a good laugh, but not about that.

  • Curiosity 👀 : Going beyond "because that's how it is" overcoming "I don't know" diving into "how does it work ?"

  • Ambition 🚀 : There's nothing wrong with setting ambitious personal goals... as long as they align with equally ambitious collective objectives ! Passion : Without passion, what's the point ? Each person needs to find it in their daily life, embrace it, and share it !

Good to know

What makes Steeple strong :

  • A high-performing, transparent, and agile remuneration grid based solely on skills
  • Excellent health insurance: Alan
  • Meal vouchers
  • Great works council (CSE)
  • Flex office and hybrid working (No need to work long hours to prove hard work)
  • A dedicated Office manager for well-being at work (Steeple clubs, Steeple break, moments of conviviality, etc.)
  • Working in a scale-up ensures you'll never be bored
  • The ambition to constantly improve

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