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Simona's work involves routine administration around her team. She approves attendance, manages the ESS portal (approvals of employees' vacations and business trips) and prepares team meetings. Within her competence comes also the employee recruitment, including carrying out interviews. She enjoys the most topics related to people management, which has always motivated her to become a team leader. She enjoys encouraging employee's development and helping them with their career growths. She has worked at Siemens since 2015.

Long hours spent in the office exhaust her, so she tries to attend a fitness centre, yoga classes or go on a bike ride at least once a week. She is a big fan of the theatre in Dlouhá and cultural events, in general, are her favourite hobby. And Wednesdays? Wednesday belong to pub quizzes with friends!

Saša works for the HR department, where she, besides legal administrative work, is also in charge of several HR projects. Currently, she works on Healthy@Siemens project, which focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle to all Siemens employees. She makes sure that everything she tries to put into practice will be as simple as possible, follow the law, but yet the complete solution will be optimal for everyone.

Saša has recently set up an office library project for her colleagues. So far, she has donated only her books, but she is planning to gradually expand to other departments. In the future, she plans to start a Siemens running club.

She is quite an active person and enjoys pursuing new hobbies. When the opportunity to try something new presents itself, she never says no. A few years ago, she visited India where she took a yoga instructor course and then even taught it for a while. From time to time, she helps her friend in her vintage shop, either as a shop assistant or as a model.

Viktor and his colleagues are in charge of the development of SIMATIC industrial controllers. They start with the development of the electrical diagram, which they must subsequently verify to assure that the device meets all customer's requirements. They also make sure they meet the required standards, such as electromagnetic compatibility. All the measurements take place in labs, which is directly connected to his second expertise – metrology. He handles measuring equipment, from selection to purchase and its calibration.

Even though he has been working at Siemens since 2011, he is still excited about going to work every single morning. One of the reasons is a great group of colleagues, who often play paintball, go go-cart racing, or go for a beer after work. He likes to spend his free time with his family on a “mini-farm” in a peaceful area by the river Ohře.

Ewa leads a team of seventeen members that work on two projects. The first one, Material Compliance, takes care of a platform keeping a record of all potentially hazardous materials which are handled in production. The second one is e-Onboarding, which represents all digitization in the company and thanks to which they can share their ideas and concepts with the client online. Currently, Ewa doesn’t take care of any operational processes but her task is keeping the whole team together. Being the person who focuses on problem-solving, finds answers to questions, and works both with individuals and the whole team is both challenging and motivating. She constantly feels slightly under pressure, however, that’s something she enjoys and maybe even requires to perform better.

She is not the only foreigner on the Team Leader position, her supervisor is German. Therefore, in her case, the use of German and English is her bread and butter. She communicates with people all around the world.

When she needs to stop and relax, she spends time in nature. Her parents live in Poland, by the sea and she enjoys visiting them. She likes to spend weekends outside of Prague, sometimes even outside of the country.

Lucie started working at Siemens in 2012 and has worked her way up to the head of education and development. She used to manage employee potential development, talent management, succession planning and performance management. However, she had to interrupt her work and take care of more pleasant duties, such as maternity leave. She is already back, but now, due to limited time flexibility, she is in charge of a few specific projects. For example, adapting the performance management process for Czechia, supporting on-the-job development activities or workshop moderating.

She used to frequently travel to Southeast Asia or North Africa. Nowadays, due to her family, she does not have so much time for long travels, therefore in her free time, she enjoys non-traditional forms of theatre, literature and actively engages in sports.

Company introduction

The Siemens Czech Republic is one of the largest domestic electrotechnical companies. It has over 10,000 employees supplying technology, products, and services for customers both in private and public sectors. The company engages in the following areas: power industry, healthcare, industrial automation or public infrastructure. They put a lot of emphasis on innovation, pushing for it in several areas: Digital Industries (industrial automation and digitization), Smart Infrastructure (smart solutions for buildings), Gas and Power (modern power industry), Siemens Mobility (smart transport solution), Siemens Healthineers (innovative technologies in healthcare) and Siemens Gamesa (wind turbines) Company's history goes back to 1847 when Werner von Siemens together with university mechanic Johann Georg Halske founded a company Telegraphen Bau-Anstalt von Siemens & Halske. Their needle telegraph had surpassed all communicative inventions till then. Only a year after its foundation, the company had already 10 employees, while eventually, the number has grown to current 375,000 employees in more than 190 countries.

Target group

The ownership culture is very close to them so they are looking for new colleagues, who will care about the company's profit the same way they would, if it were their own company. Employees have the opportunity to buy preference shares (even with the benefits points) and thus become a real company's co-owner. Their products and services daily influence millions of people all around the world. Through their technologies, they try to move the world forward and they look for someone who shares a similar vision and wants to partake in making products of the future.

What's good to know

Every year, under Werner von Siemens Awards, a donation of one million Czech crowns is made to support young Czech scientists. Thanks to the Restart@Siemens project, they have been already able to help eight homeless people to secure employment in Siemens and helped them return to normal life. At the same time, they reduce the impact of their activities on the environment, by 2030 they plan to be worldwide CO2 neutral. To harmonize work and family life, company nursery schools are available for Siemens employees in Prague and Ostrava. No matter if you are an early bird or a night owl, flexible working hours, part-time job option or home-office will allow you to schedule your working hours as you need. Every employee is granted 5 week of paid holiday and from cafeteria points another days of paid holidays can be bought, thanks to which employees can spend more time with friends and family.

Siemens offers plenty of opportunities for students. From workshops and seminars to part-time jobs and practice in student offices, where they can directly try working on projects.

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