• Inteligencia artificial/Aprendizaje automático, Macrodatos
  • Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, Paris
  • Year of Founding

  • Employees

  • Gender Breakdown

    30 %70 %
  • Average Age

    36 years old
  • Revenue


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In God we trust, all others bring data.

William Edwards Deming (1900-1993)


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Looking for a position that combines the perks of research and industry?

ProbaYes is the answer for you ! Created as a spin-off of INRIA and CNRS, the two largest research institutions in France focusing on computer science, applied mathematics and fundamental science, ProbaYes is today a leader in the Aritifcial Intelligence world.

ProbaYes was created in 2003 and currently consists of 50 data scientists that graduated from top French engineering schools and/or have pursued a Doctoral Degree in highly qualified research laboratories. Today they work alongside the largest groups and accompany them towards AI solutions with higher ROI.

With a strong know-how in machine learning combined with solid design and development skills, they develop innovative models for their customers’ needs.

They provide expertise in various domains such as the automotive, defense, logistic, chemical and banking sectors and wish to strenghten their presence not only in these areas but also develop new collaborations in new strategic sectors.

ProbaYes has joined the Groupe La Poste in May 2016 and has become the group’s Artificial Intelligence competence center while benefitting from the group’s Big Data infrastructures and IT security.

The company headquarters are located in Montbonnot (department of Isère (38) located in the region of Rhône-Alpes) but there also exists a branch office in Paris since 2017.

300 human years of experience with AI and Data Science projects can only lead to the creation of a deeply committed group towards the development of innovative projects for the benefit of their customers and teams. And that is ProbaYes today !

What they are looking for

ProbaYes is above all looking for passionate people. Whether you are a computer engineer, statistician, doctor of astrophysics, working in the environment sector or have learned to code on your own, do not hesitate to look up and apply to the open positions.

They are convinced that it is possible to provide real technical expertise and also nurture a deeply caring environment.

So whether you’re a Data Scientist, Data engineer, Full Stack developer, DevOps or system administrator, as long as there is a personal but also technical fit, you will be welcomed to ProbaYes with open arms in order to join us in this beatiful adventure !

Good to know

  • If you choose to join the headquarters in Grenoble be ready to meet your match during their famous table football matches.

  • If you choose the Paris office, get ready to get addicted to table tennis !

  • Snow sports lovers, you will never be as close to the mountains as in Grenoble!

  • Rumour has it that ProbaYes members have been detected on top of the French Alpes during the first morning hours before coming to work but… shush ! it’s a secret !

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