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Newheat would not be a leader in the production of renewable thermal energy without its teams' daily commitment! Each department, in France and internationally (Spain and Australia), participates in Newheat's success, thanks to their specialized expertise in modeling, engineering, control and command, and project management and financing. All support functions are also mobilized to make Newheat shine.

The management's horizontal organization as well as the proximity of the 2 founders with the teams, allow everyone to feel involved and motivated. The teams move forward together with enthusiasm, audacity, responsibility and excellence. Beyond each person's skills and expertise, a common point gathers all employees: the passion for their job and the alignment with their personal values. Everyone finds meaning in their work by contributing their energy to the development of a better world.

Employee breakdown

  • Modeling / R&D


  • Operations


  • Business Development


  • Support (Finance, Communication)


Support Department (Finance, Communication)

The Finance team is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the company, as well as for setting up the financing of the plant projects developed by the company. With more than 20 M€ of financing already raised (corporate + projects) and nearly 100 M€ planned for the next 3 years, the finance team is at the heart of the business and makes an essential contribution to the company's overall know-how!

As for the Communication team, it has to take up the challenge of explaining to as many people as possible the stakes involved in the development of renewable heat, a huge yet largely unknown part of the necessary energy transition of our planet. This is what it is doing with enthusiasm and unfailing commitment!

Participating in Newheat's adventure is having the guarantee to lead a concrete action to move together towards a sustainable future.

M. Hugues Defréville, Président et co-fondateur

Modelling / R&D Department

Composed of skilled engineers and doctoral students, the team relies on its scientific rigor and its advanced and diversified technical skills to develop simulation tools for renewable heat production facilities adapted to the needs of the different phases of our projects.

Initially based on the VBA language, the team's current work focuses on the Modelica language (Dymola software) to develop new models and simulate complex systems (in a dynamic way). This level of detail allows us to retranscribe the control logic to prototype and optimize those that will eventually be implemented in the power plants developed by the company.

The team also provides support in the manipulation of data generated by the power plants in operation, to extract and analyze the colossal quantities of data generated (tools used: InfluxDB, Grafana, Python...).

Awarded several times for the excellence of its work, the team cultivates its relationships with the academic world, whether through thesis work or R&D programs conducted in collaboration with recognized players in France and internationally.

Every morning I know that the work I'm about to complete is going to be 100% dedicated to the energy transition.

Alexis Gonnelle, Responsable scientifique


The department is structured in 3 teams :

  • the engineering team, an internal design office. Its mission is to carry out thermal and hydraulic engineering studies at the various stages of the company's projects: opportunity, preliminary project, detailed design, execution

  • the implementation team, composed of project managers. Their mission is to manage the construction phase of the power plants, from the selection and negotiation with suppliers and construction companies, to the management of the site and the commissioning of the installation

  • the operations team, whose mission is to monitor the plants once they have been built, both in terms of technical aspects (monitoring and optimization of plant operation, management of subcontractors in charge of maintenance) and contractual and administrative aspects (customer relations, billing, regulatory controls, etc.)

Efficient and results-oriented, the operations team combines solid field experience with a thorough understanding of all the technical issues involved in the projects!

My role is to support the team ramp-up, to structure our processes and activities, and to meet the contractual commitments made to our clients.

Stéphane Huet, Directeur des Opérations

Business Development

The business development department is structured into 3 teams:

  • 2 development teams in France, each specialized in a different market segment: industrial sites and district heating networks
  • 1 international development team, with a focus on Europe, Australia, Chile and Latin America The BizDev teams, staffed by project managers and development managers, are responsible for identifying and convincing new customers, as well as setting up projects and seeing them through to completion: managing the technical design, administrative procedures, and financial and contractual arrangements for projects.

Enthusiastic and determined, the BizDev department teams master all the steps of a complex commercial approach and demonstrate, on a daily basis, advanced project management skills and a strong capacity to convince.

There is a great diversity of tasks, a very rare pool of skills at Newheat and above all we work for a very important lever of decarbonisation: renewable heat!

Lucie Nebut (Cheffe de projet senior, international) et Tom Rouchy (chef de projet, Industrie France)