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At MyScript, they are a team of passionate technophiles who developed an artificial intelligence-based engine that recognizes handwriting in real time. Thanks to this technology, their users can create and interact with digital content, and boost their productivity.

MyScript is also a cosmopolitan start-up based in Nantes, France and a technology gem.

They deliver an unmatched performance engine, cross-platform integration and handwriting recognition for all kinds of content (text, math, shapes, music). Their solutions are deployed over tablets, smartphones, interactive whiteboards and GPS navigation systems. They also develop applications available in stores, such as Nebo and MyScript Calculator 2.

What’s their goal? Working together in a “One team” spirit, i.e. a balanced relationship among all MyScripters, based on listening, respect and supportiveness. Showing commitment to their users. Pursuing innovation and solving the impossible!

What they are looking for

MyScript is looking for future colleagues who also share their passion for challenges and innovation. People focused on collaborative problem solving and co-construction because they believe in the power of collective intelligence. People who put their users at the heart of everything they do.

There is no standard profile because their teams are multicultural and composed of people with a multitude of skills.

Good to know

MyScript is a French tech gem, pioneers, experts and leaders in their field: a small structure that works on a cutting-edge technology in constant evolution, serving demanding and prestigious clients.

From Nantes, the company invests non-stop in R&D to perfect its artificial intelligence and offer an ever more efficient user experience adapted to handwriting recognition problems.

Their technology has being adopted by millions of users, and enabled global players to offer the most effective human-machine interface in their applications.

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