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About Pepa

Pepa has been an active sportsman all his life, but with more and more years under his belt, he gave up some of the activities. However, he will always find time to play tennis, go on a bike trip or go skiing. Pepa also coaches the youth football league in his village. He even had the opportunity to try golf on one of the teambuilding events and completely fell in love with it. His golf partner is his former manager, who no longer works with the team, but their friendship is still going strong.

Meet Pepa

Pepa joined Mars in 2000 as a sales representative. He held many different roles in his career, but he has always wanted to become a Key Account Manager. When the opportunity arose in 2009 to come back to the sales unit and to apply for this position, he did not hesitate, and it paid off. Since then, Pepa has been developing relationships with major clients from the Petcare segment, which consists of dog and cat food, as well as the Food segment, i.e. main dishes. His job is mainly about communication. Not only with the clients, but also with his colleagues. The negotiations are also crucial; especially during the period of revising the general terms and conditions.

Sense of Humor is Key

Pepa believes that the office should not be a boring place; otherwise no one would look forward to going there. That’s why he sometimes plays jokes on his colleagues. One morning, a colleague of his was rushing to a meeting. When she was coming over to her table, she told them that she saw a police car on her way to work and that she is sure she will get a fine. For Pepa, it was a piece of cake to figure out her license plate number, remember the date of the offense and give it a month. Pepa then modified his old summons and put it among her business correspondence. He planned the date of submitting an explanation of the offense on the same day as a teambuilding event. After calling the number of what she thought was the police, but instead was the number of a retirement home, she was very nervous and confused, so, in the end, Pepa let her in on the joke with a smile on his face.

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