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Martin joined LASVIT as a 3D Graphic Designer. One of the first projects he worked on was an animation for Neurons, a dynamically lit installation that reacts to music in Bangkok, Thailand. He collaborated with the Designer Jana Ruzickova and also spent two months in LASVIT’s New York atelier.

After three years, he was promoted to Designer. Initially surprised by the company’s fast pace and informal atmosphere, he enjoys that each project is different and offers space for experimentation and novelty.

He loves hiking and mountains but now spends most of his time with his little baby girl.

As a student, Michaela spent several months as intern in LASVIT’s London office. She then joined as a regular employee, assuming the role of Showroom Manager in Prague, and now works as a Project Consultant for the company’s European team.

She appreciates that her work is very diverse and creative, involves a Czech traditional product – glass – and that it also has a very international dimension to it.

Michaela is both an artsy and a sporty person. She enjoys going to galleries, strolling around Prague’s Old Town and almost daily tries to do some sport.

Jiri first heard about LASVIT from a friend-turned-colleague and was instantly carried away by their artistic installations.

Having originally started as a Chief Electrical Design Engineer, he now manages the Engineering department consisting of 25 engineers, but still spends some time working on electrical design schemes.

He says that no day is like the one before, and each one brings a new challenge. He likes the company’s global scope and that he is constantly learning.

The employees in Novy Bor often organize hikes or cycling trips that Jiri likes to join. He is also a fan of motorcycles.

Inspiring the World

LASVIT is a Czech-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke lighting installations, ready-to-shine collections and glass for architecture.

Since its foundation, the company’s mission has been to inspire the world with the beauty of Bohemian glass. LASVIT creates pieces tailor-made for the place and the client and takes pride in storytelling design.

Born into a glassblowing family in Liberec, Czech Republic, its founder Leon Jakimič steers the company with the utmost respect for tradition, but also brings enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and innovation.

Headquartered in Novy Bor, the very heart of the glassmaking region, the company has offices in Prague but also in major world hubs like New York, London, Dubai or Hong Kong. Their lighting installations shine in more than 2 200 hotels, private residences, cruise ships and other public and private spaces all over the world.

A Company for Enthusiasts

Their employees often undertake very ambitious projects and installations which can span dozens of meters and weigh many tons. They work in 5 geographically-focused teams and an expert unit. From A to Z, the project is their responsibility. The teams feature designers, glass specialists, project managers, but also engineers, programmers, sales consultants or logistics specialists. What they all have in common is a true passion for their craft, a love of challenges and dislike for routine.

Good to know

In 2018, their cutting-edge approach brought LASVIT the prestigious Milan Design Award, also known as the “design Oscar”. LASVIT’s headquarters are a true architectonic jewel. It features two carefully restored historic buildings and also includes two new structures – the glass house and the black house. Lasvit employees regularly meet at all-company summits and Leon Jakimič meets all new joinees at a special welcome lunch.

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