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Ingénieur agronome de formation et fort de 20 ans de carrière internationale dans le consulting, SAP et en tant que prestataire de services technologiques, Fabien est passionné d’innovation.

Il a pris conscience lorsqu’il était Directeur des technologies des espaces de travail chez Johnson Controls de la nécessité de simplifier et de réinventer les solutions existantes et obsolètes. Jooxter voit donc le jour en 2014 à Euratechnologies.

Vous pouvez le croiser le weekend en train de faire un footing avec son Dalmatien Moca.

Ana has a diploma in Business Strategy and Management and a Masters degree in International Management from Université Catholique de Lille.

She joined Jooxter in 2021 for an apprenticeship and took part of the creation of the product marketing team. This experience has been giving her the opportunity to learn and grow every day as a professional.

She’s in charge of all the documentation regarding the product, the tutorials, help center, release notes, notifications of the new features, along with other projects for all the teams.

She loves singing and acting, as a huge ABBA fan she can look at the Mamma Mia play over and over !

Oumaima is in her last year at Rennes School of Business, preparing for her degree in New Business Development and Innovative Projects Management.

She joined Jooxter in 2021 as a sales intern, and is developing her skills day by day at the company. She already evolved within the team from SDR to business development and is now in charge of the hunting and the growth of new business opportunities.

She loves traveling, fashion, to create her own beats playing electronic music his the Tiktok addict of the team !

Thibaud holds an Engineering degree from Elizabethtown College (PA, US), a master’s degree in Strategy & Project management from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris, FR) and a certification in corporate finance from HEC (Paris, FR).

After working in operations in a scale up, strategy in a big Japanese corporation and transformation in a SaaS advertising french company, Thibaud joined Jooxter as COO.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, tech and management, and helps the whole Jooxter team to structure the company to scale fast, but scale well.

Aside from business, Thibaud is a true multi-hats kind of guy : music lover, sports aficionado, bookworm, big screen rant and even roady/tour manager for a rock band (when he finds the time) !

One guilty pleasure : his love for “charcuterie”


Founded in the heart of innovation in the region Nord de France at Euratechnologies in 2014, Jooxter was created by Fabien Girerd, expert in Smart Building and Workplace Technologies. Today, Jooxter has +85 corporate clients and +140.000 employees that use our solution, spread across 22 countries. Growing constantly, Jooxter is made of 30 employees, from 6 different nationalities and speaking 9 different languages, working in 4 different countries (France, Luxembourg, Italy and the UK).

Jooxter, expert and pioneer in Smart Occupancy, holds a pivotal role in helping companies adapt to new ways of working:

  • Make hybrid work management simple (e.g. who’s at the office, where and when ?)
  • Optimize workplace management (e.g. see and analyze in real-time your workspaces and their occupancy)
  • Understand and act on your workplace occupancy (e.g. smart workspaces open/close automation, carbon footprint management, etc.)

Jooxter allows companies to adapt in real-time thanks to its smart features and its super easy deployment (full remote deployment ready). Moreover, Jooxter is fully integrated to the work tools suites of any employee (Office 365, G-suite, Visio tools & chats). With the help of a sensor-based IoT setup, Jooxter provides real-time occupancy data in order to anticipate the occupancy of the workplaces and adapt its availability, supported by automation and artificial intelligence to make the best decisions regarding workplace management.

You will find our offices across Europe in: Lille (Euratechnologies), Paris (Village by CA), Luxembourg (Hub@Luxembourg), Milan (Village by CA) and London (The Old School House)

What they are looking for

We are looking for talented individuals that will thrive in a constant moving and evolving environment. Our DNA is built around innovation, technology and we are constantly working towards maintaining and reinforcing our pioneer status, at the crossroads of collaboration innovation and Smart Building ecosystems.

We are looking for people who have an appetite for innovation and new technologies et we believe that “out-of-the-box” profiles are often signs of competence, versatility and experience, all of which we make a stand to promote.

If you like challenges, if versatility is one of your strong suits and if you want to define what the future of work will look like, you’ll be more than welcome to join our dynamic and multicultural team !

Good to know

  • Jooxter is multicultural & multi-language team : English is our communication language
  • Our clients are present in France and all over the world: get ready to pack your bags !
  • At Jooxter, we make sure not to confuse speeding and rushing: efficiency is our mantra
  • “Customer first” is our mindset
  • Jooxter is growing fast so there are plenty of opportunities to grow within our teams: vertically as well as horizontally

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