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Remote policy

The whole team is organised with weekly and monthly meetings, while the sub-teams works with daily and weekly meetings. We use up-to-date softwares for our teams to work collaboratively in a asynchronous way.

We have co-working spaces in Bordeaux, Londres and our main offices are in Reims, 40 minutes away from Paris by train.

We may offer employees to work in part or full remote.




Founded in 2021, IN-TRACKS is a fast-growing cleantech developing energy management solutions. They raised 800k in 2021 to supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and their climate strategies. They provide a scallable SaaS which automatically collects the energy data, tracks the risks and optimize the energy consumption of their B2B and B2C clients. IN-TRACKS also supports their clients in investing wisely to perform their efficiency and comply with energy regulations.

What they are looking for

IN-TRACKS is seeking for talents who are convinced that businesses play a significant role in tackling climate change. The current generations are probably the last ones who can make the change and start fixing to the current global issues for real. IN-TRACKS decided to start its contribution within the energy sector. It is full of innovations and concepts which will revolutionize the way we use energy. The company is ambitious, international and looking for motivated candidates!

Good to know

  • Main offices are located in Village by CA, Reims, at less than 40 mintes away from Paris by train.
  • Creativity and Learning are at the core of the business !
  • The Team is diverse, dynamic and passionate !

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