After graduating from HEC Paris in 2006 and from SciencesPo Paris in 2007, Alexis began his career in 2008 as a strategy consultant at Strategy&. In 2013, he specialized in digital health by creating the B2B department Withings, which offered remote monitoring solutions to health professionals. In 2017 when the company was bought by Nokia, he took over as head of the company's Boston office. Later in 2018, he co-founded Embleema, a platform for generating real health data. After returning to France in 2019, he became co-founder of Greenly, where he is now the CEO.

Through his background with Withings, Alexis developed an understanding for how technology can make it possible to measure what is otherwise invisible. Furthermore, how digital means can be used to invent new economic models to finance behavioral prevention, by creating immediate incentives for more virtuous behavior. He is now convinced that behavior change is the most effective way to fight against global warming, and that simple, painless measures must be generated on a daily basis to allow us to make a change.

His main objective is to find the most effective ways to encourage companies to take interest in their climate impact, and to get them started on the calculation of their CO2 emissions.

When he's not working on the development and growth of Greenly, Alexis works on improving his tennis skills, and traveling the world in search of new hiking destinations.

After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique with a degree in Data Science and Software Engineeting, Matthieu worked with Withings to see how their data can help hospitals, businesses, and pharmaceutical labs take advantage of the revolution in data exchange via interconnectedness.

Matthieu is even at the origin of the algorithm embedded in the smart watches with automatic stroke detection for swimmers! After this, he spent a year implementing the use of blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin) so that patients could securely and reliably share their health data with clinical research.

What motivated him above all in creating Greenly was to launch a tool that allowed users and companies to have concrete results in terms of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint.

At Greenly, Matthieu leads the Tech team. His role is to ensure the best possible functioning of the technical aspects, and to assure that each member on his team can work in the best conditions, technically and humanely.

A recent graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Reda is a young engineer passionate about energy and environmental issues.

It was during his Masters in “Sustainable Energy” in Denmark that he became aware of the complexity of the phenomena at the origin of the current energy crisis. Most of all, he focuses on the gap that exists between the theoretical models - which naturally appeal to his scientific side - and the solutions applied at the societal level. With the goal of closing the gap which separates the academic and civil worlds, he joined Greenly during his end-of-studies internship in January 2021.

Within the company, Reda carefully monitors the methodological rigor of the carbon footprint calculations, ensuring that they comply with the latest levels of scientific knowledge. Among his favorite subjects: the combination of input-output tables and macroeconomic models to assess consumption emissions related to different sectors of the economy.

When he’s not at the office, Reda can be found relaxing in a park with a book, or exploring a new hike on foot or by bike.


Founded in 2019 by Alexis, Matthieu and Arnaud, Greenly’s mission is to allow everyone to easily track their carbon footprint, so they can take part in the fight against climate change. Greenly combines tech and carbon accounting, making carbon calculations automatic for SMEs and individuals by syncing their financial data. This lets them focus on what really matters: reducing their GHG emissions with better insights and lower costs; adopting more sustainable spending patterns, and engaging their ecosystem to navigate the energy transition. 🌱

Fintech of the year 2020 and French Tech Green20, Greenly is now the leading carbon tracking technology. Since its foundation, more than 10 million people and 400 companies have trusted Greenly with their carbon footprint report.

Fundraising: €21M

What they are looking for

Greenly is looking to recruit members passionate about environmental issues, with an eye for detail, who are driven and rigorous in their work. If you have a sense of curiosity and enjoy sharing your discoveries, and like working in a start-up atmosphere, we’re looking for you to join our team.

Good to know

Greenly's first permanent employees can become shareholders after the first year (BSPCE), in order to share all the value created. 💸

Greenly was elected fintech of the year 2020 and joined the French Tech Green 20, which aims to bring out the new technological champions of tomorrow.

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