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Graitec was started from scratch 30 years ago and we now have more than 700 employees in 14 countries - a growth driven both by organic business performance as well as acquisition. GRAITEC mission is to "Empower construction and manufacturing professionals to digitize and industrialize their processes to improve performance and build a sustainable tomorrow." The acceleration of construction digitization and together with it sustainability is definitely our mojo. Together, GRAITEC team is "Modeling the Future".

What they are looking for

With teams across so many different countries, with 10 core functions and expertise, various software & businesses focused on the diverse industries making the construction ecosystem, the culture of GRAITEC has to be welcoming such diversity. The way GRAITEC team work is all about GROWTH, AGILITY, RESPONSIBILITY & INNOVATION. The way they behave ? As ONE GRAITEC definitively. as collaboration is key to GRAITEC success. AMBITION, ENGAGEMENT & POSITIVE ENERGY being key to the team success.

Good to know

GRAITEC has unique positioning to be one of the top partner worldwide of AUTODESK and to be a true software editor, selling and providing true expertise on its own complementary IP & Solutions to the industry. That magic combination offers a great diversity of career opportunities to the GRAITEC team that can experience multiple roles and organizations out of the same location in the course of their career. 

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